Chapter 6 - A Way Forward

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In regards to some of the previous chapters, this is one of the much shorter chapters that you will be dealing with throughout the game; yet it doesn’t mean the in-between is all that short.

  • Rewards: 1,000 XP

All Set to Sail

Once the chapter starts, it’s revealed to Noctis and his friends that there is an Imperial ambush waiting for them back in Lestallum. Before long, the group agree to take Iris with them to Cape Caem – a hidden location that very few people know the location of and the one true place left that is safe for Noctis.

Do be aware that before you make a start on the quest that it’s recommended to finish off any side-quests that you have lying about. When you start this next main quest you’ll be locked in to the events of it for some time, restricting you of any freedom to do side-content for a little while; so make sure to keep that in mind.

After you feel prepared enough to start the quest, have a word with Iris and watch as you all somehow manage to fit into this car, with very little breathing room for all involved. Ignis will thankfully deal with most of the driving along the way and you won’t have anything to worry about during your trip. Simply sit back, take in the sights, and enjoy some friendly conversation between the entire group. During the trip you’ll notice an Imperial fortress flying overhead to settle down in Old Lestallum, a location that the group will soon find themselves just on the outskirts of.

For the sake of revenge for their friend, they wish to seek justice, but before such action can be taken the group will need to scout out the surrounding area once more so they have an idea on what it is they are doing. Leave Iris behind and set foot for the fort, but be sure to keep an eye out for some large piping as that’s what you’re going to want to follow until you come across some fences, one of which will have a gap that you can squeeze through.

Whilst you’re inside the fortress, make sure to sneak over to a nearby watchtower just in the distance; just know that there will be some soldiers stationed along the stairs. Don’t take too much notice for them, however, as a couple of warp-strikes will keep you safe and sound throughout your espionage. After you reach the very top of the tower Ignis will suggest a new strategy: splitting the group up into two to find and capture the enemy commander located somewhere in this fortress.

Noctis and Ignis will have the pleasure of working together and sneak further into the fort together, eventually coming across an enemy commander, followed around by a couple of guards to keep him safe and sound. Keep out of sight and out of mind as he approaches a locked gate, but make sure not to pass through it. Instead, look for a nearby passage and wait for one of the guards to be left to his own devices and assassinate the poor soul; providing you don’t get spotted you should be fine.

Afterwards, head up towards the catwalk right in front of you, but keep your wits about you since there is another guard standing around on the catwalk, but with him being all on his lonesome you shouldn’t have any trouble dealing with him. Be aware to the left of you there is some stairs leading up to another watchtower and warp-strike him to follow up. Look to your left and you’ll notice another catwalk with a guard, but similar to the others, if you time it properly you won’t get spotted.

Moving onto the next section the commander will move onto the next area and order his men to stand and watch. Ignis will finally put his brilliant strategy into plan, resulting in the commander being knocked out and pulled away by Ignis as Gladio and Prompto make a start on their diversion.

From here on out everything is pretty typical for Noctis and the group: kill any oncoming troopers, finish off any stragglers, rinse and repeat until you’re the only ones left standing. Soon enough a mech will rear its ugly head and will require some effort, but not by too much, thankfully. After all, the thing is only level 17 – so I can’t say it’s much of a fight.

Once that’s done, go and regroup with Prompto and Gladio, where sadly there will be another, slightly higher mech that might take a bit more of a beating – but it plays out similar to pretty much any other mech you’ve faced at this point in the game. Once the mech is defeated, run up to the nearby generator to turn it off and shut down the base, along with its operations.

Before you can make your way out of the base, you will have to contend with a rather challenging foe in the form of Aranea Highwind. As far as combatants go she’s a pretty tough one, but isn’t the toughest enemy you will face throughout the game. She has a fair amount of health, coupled with no real weaknesses to speak of – stick with weapons a little more on the fast and nimble side, however, just to make dodging easier. Once she is defeated she will flee and you’ll be set to continue on your journey!

Get back to the car and tell Ignis to drive to Cape Caem – thankfully with no more interruptions. After you arrive, hop out of the car and explore around the little hide-away, drop off Iris, and enjoy having a chat with some people before you’re ready to move on.

Do be extremely aware that at the end of this chapter and quest, Gladio will explain that he wishes to leave the group for a little while; for one reason or another. Depending on what you say to him, you will get a certain reward:

  • Let him go: Earn 600 XP
  • Ask how long: 2 AP
  • Defer to Ignis: Ignis earns 1,500 XP

So, as the chapter comes to an end, our group of 4 turns to 3!


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Chapter 6 – A Way Forward

Several days later, off screen, Talcott gets a ride to Caem with Dustin and Monica, and Cid & Cindy are called to prepare the boat in the hidden harbor. On screen, Gladiolous wants to ensure his sister’s safety, so Noctis’ team takes her with them to Caem. While driving, a floating imperial fortress flies overhead spurring Noctis to go and destroy it to avenge Jared. The gang drops Iris off at the nearest town and fights their way to a nearby outpost to make a plan to infiltrate the base.

Ultimately, they decide to capture the base’s commander to gather intel and avoid a frontal confrontation. While stalking the commander, the target (conveniently) says that he killed Jared, is frustrated that Ardyn sent The Mercenary (Commodore Aranea Highwind) to watch him, and that Ardyn was the man behind the Magitek movement. After capturing the target, a fight breaks out and Noctis’ team prevails handily. However, before the gang can leave, Aranea drops from a small airship and engages Noctis. They fight for a while until Aranea leaves because, she’s supposedly finished fighting for the day and won’t get paid for fighting further. The gang then returns to Iris and rests for the night.

Next morning, they continue their drive to Caem, taking pictures along the way. Off screen, Ardyn watches them as they arrive. After arriving, the gang greets Cindy who tells them that they need Mythril to finish the ship. Talcott clarifies that the Mythril can be found in some ruins near a waterfall, and Iris adds that the road to the ruins are under imperial lockdown so the gang should be prepared. Immediately after hearing this, Gladiolous decides to leave to take care of something. Noctis lets him go, despite not knowing where he’s going or when he’ll be back.

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