Fociaugh Hollow

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Fociaugh Hollow is a Dungeon


See also: Fociaugh Hollow Map

Fociaugh Hollow Map

Fociaugh Hollow (Lvl 65)

See also: Fociaugh Hollow (Menace)

Fociaugh Hollow (Menace) is a Level 65 Menace Dungeon locked behind the vault in Fociaugh Hollow.


A Menace Sleeps in Fociaugh may have one word I can’t even fathom to pronounce, but it’s another one of those secret dungeons you’re going to want to attempt around the level of 65 – just because anything lower than that is going to leave you in a fair amount of trouble.

These “A Menace Sleeps in” quests tend to be fairly linear and the once located in Fociaugh Hollow is no exception to this current rule. Every step you take is going to be along a very linear path that you will find yourself struggling to get lost in; trust me on this one.

To counteract the linearity of it all, there are enemies in pretty much every single room you walk into there are bound to be enemies inside and there’s simply no way you can avoid it. To make your life that much easier, however, every single enemy – with the exception of the end boss – has a weakness to greatswords, so make sure to equip a decent one and put Gladio and his abilities to work when you’re exploring through the dungeon.

Eventually as you press further on you are going to come across a large room that has a multitude of exits for you to leave through, but the only one that you will actually find yourself leaving through successfully is the one in the middle and no others. Do be aware, though, if you choose to take the path towards the left of this room you will find an accessory that’s exclusively useable by Ignis that goes by the name of – The Grand Chamberlain.

As you push on from that room, you’re going to come across the one and only campsite in this entire dungeon, so be sure to use it to regain some health free of charge; without the need to expend any items on your person. Near the campsite you’re going to find the Organyx Daggers that you’re going to want to pick up, just to save you coming back for them on a completely unnecessary trip back.

Upon leaving the campsite you’re going to be treated to a very large room that has a split – one exit leads you to the boss and another one leads you to an Oracle Ascension Coin. The path straight across from you is the one that will lead you to the coin, but the one to the right will continue on your quest to take down the boss of the dungeon.

Once you get to the deepest part of the dungeon you will encounter the boss of the dungeon, a creature that goes by the name of: the Chandravarma. Essentially, this guy is a really big and powerful version of the Red Giants that you will have encountered plenty of this game already. Unfortunately, this isn’t a boss that has any real weaknesses, with the only exception being your Armiger that can only be used for a certain amount of time before it finally runs out.

When it comes down to it, though, the majority of the fight is going to be something that you’ve seen before. He has a lot of slow and sweeping attacks that rarely manage to hit you if you’re paying attention so just keep nimble and enjoy having your health bar untouched. Keep up the onslaught for this guy and by the end of it you will attain the Enhancer Sword; thus ending the dungeon!

Treasures on Each Floor

Floor Left Straight Right
1 Ammonite Fossil
2 Ancient Dragon Tooth
3 Debased Coin
4 Oracle Ascension Coin
5 Debased Silverpiece
Earth Pendant*
7 Quality Building Stone Potion Prismatic Shard
8 The Grand Chamberlain Mega-Potion Moon Pendant*
9 Megalixir
11 Splendid Building Stone
12 Centurion Bangle
13 Beautiful Bottle
15 Earth Gemstone Elixir Sky Gemstone
16 Lavender Oil Lavender Oil Diamond Bracelet*
17 Hi-Potion
18 Mega-Potion
19 Ether

*Random Treasure

In regards to floors with branching paths the directions left, right, straight refer to when your back is to the entrance you entered from


See also: Fociaugh Hollow (Menace) Map

Fociaugh hollow endgame map1.jpg