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Ancient History

Ancient civilization of Solheim flourishes.

The ancient civilization of Solheim prospers in machine technology like Airships and Magitek Armor

The Six watch over everything.

The Great War of Old breaks out due to Ifrit’s betrayal of Solheim.

Solheim falls and millions are massacred due to the emergence of a virulent plague.

Humans are given special powers, granted to them by the gods.

These power include the "Chosen King”, with the power to summon weapons and use the power of the crystal to utilize magic, and the Oracle lineage with the power to heal victims of the mysterious plague ravaging mankind.
In addition, they can also commune with the Astrals, serving as a liaison between Gods and mankind.

2000 Years Ago

Starscourge is prevalent and many are dying.

The Astrals bring the ring of light, the selection of the Chosen King of men at the time establishes the Kingdom of Lucis.

Astrals create the ring of light; it along with the crystal are given to the king of Lucis, with the Astrals commanding him to protect the crystal.

Twelve Statues are built in Lucis.

Each of the twelve is to serve as a coffin to hold the soul of a dead king. The successive kings, from these coffins, await the emergence of the Crystal’s Chosen king. Also, these kings will serve as a magical barrier (Knights of the Round) to protect the Kingdom.

The epidemic will end with the success of the Lucian Chosen King.

2000 - 755 Years Ago

The world stabilizes and four new countries are established:

Tenebrae, where the Oracle’s lineage lives.

The commercially prosperous nation of Accordo.

The Empire of Niflheim, ruled by the Aldercapt family who try to reconstruct the glory of ancient Solheim.

Lucis, guardian of the Crystal and protector of the Ring of the Lucii.

755 Years Ago

Four countries of Lucis, Niflheim, Tenebrae and Accordo establish the modern calendar.

398 Years Ago

Niflheim begins their war of world domination.

397 Years Ago

Tenebrae is annexed and the palace of Fenestala Manor is put under surveillance.

255 Years Ago

A mysterious type of monster called daemons are unearthed from ruins of Solheim. (Shigai - Starscourge parasite) is discovered by the Imperial Army. Treated as new life form and is researched.

150 Years Ago

Niflheim begins the war with Lucis and Accordo. - Result of the war: Lucian and Accordo coalition loses. Accordo is made a province of Niflheim and is granted semi-autonomy.

King of Lucis creates the second magic barrier around Insomnia and goes on the defense.

34 Years Ago

Ardyn Izunia enters the Niflheim Empire. Proposes the development of a Magitek army.

33 Years Ago

Niflheim beings mass producing Magitek soldiers for the all out war against Lucis.

31 Years Ago

(2/24 ~ 4/1) Battle of second Lucian-Accordo alliance. Niflheim succeeds and the war ends in the defeat of Lucis and Accordo for the second time.

King Mors (Noctis’s Grandfather), under strain from the Magitek army, is forced to reduce the magic barrier from protecting the Kingdom of Lucis to the outer ramparts of Insomnia to maintain its strength and to guard the crystal.

Prince Regis and his friends (Cid, Clarus, Weskham), who have been fighting on the front lines to defend the city retreat.

27 Years Ago

King Mors 112th dies. Regis succeeds him as King Regis 113th.

24 Years Ago

Lunafreya born in Tenebrae.

- Gentiana settles in with the Nox Fleuret family. Regis marries childhood friend Auria.

20 Years Ago

Noctis born in the Kingdom of Lucis

15 Years Ago

Regis told Noctis is the Chosen One by former kings of Lucis. Regis establishes the Kingsglaive guard.

12 Years Ago

Noctis is attacked by a marilith daemon and nearly dies.

Niflheim attacks the House of Nox Fleuret in Tenebrae. The current Oracle Queen Silva is killed. - They attack due to Noctis and Regis' stay for treatment of wounds sustained by Noctis.

Queen Silva, Lunafreya's mother is murdered by General Glauca and her death is covered up, being reported dead after a fire engulfs Fenestala Manor.

11 Years Ago

Ice Goddess Shiva awakens in Ghorovas Rift of the Vogliupe region and raids Imperial Territories outside Gralea, the Imperial capital.

- The Imperial Army fights back and wins. - Most of the Imperial Army is destroyed in the fight. Emperor Ideolas Aldercapt begins plans to develop an army that can stand in opposition to the Astrals.

8 Years Ago

Lunafreya, under the supervision of the Empire, becomes the youngest Oracle in history at age 16.

1 Year Ago - Present

Kingdom of Lucis and Empire of Niflheim reach terms of cease fire. Announce the engagement of Lunafreya Nox Flueret to Noctis Lucis Caelum.

- Shortly after the announcement, Noctis leaves for Altissia with Ignis, Gladio and Prompto to prepare for the wedding. This was done intentionally by Regis so that Noctis would not be in the city. Regis secretly believes that Niflheim only agreed to the cease fire to steal the crystal and conquer Lucis.

Game Start

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5/16 - Day of Celebratory signing and Niflheim’s raid of Insomnia.

- Regis is killed by General Glauca of the Niflheim Empire after entrusting the Ring of the Lucii to Lunafreya.
5/17 - Fall of the Kingdom of Insomnia is reported - At the same time, the deaths of Prince Noctis and Lady Lunafreya are also reported.