Chapter 4 - Living Legend

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The fourth chapter has things really starting to kick off for our group of young friends, as you will soon come to discover.

A Dubious Drive

In regards to some of the previous quests, this one is a bit on the short side when you come to realise that the entire time you will be sat behind the wheel. Even with such a simple quest, though, you’re still treated to a lovely reward of 500 XP.

You won’t need to follow any specific instructions or directions as you drive the Regalia – that’s where Ardyn comes in – he tells you to follow him all along the way to just outside the disc. You will stop just outside of Coernix Station and he gives you a small suggestion to rest for the night – of which he decides to pay for. Since you haven’t really earned much experience since the last quest it’s not entirely recommended that you rest just yet as it won’t amount to much in the ways of a level up. Depending on how you feel, however, you can either accept or decline – your choice!

Onward to the Disc

Before you embark on this next quest you can go about the little outpost, pick up some new bounties or supplies and as soon as you’re ready meet up with Ardyn inside the shop and have a word with him to get a move on.

You are once again tasked with following behind Ardyn in your car, except this time around you actually make it to the disc – just be aware that if you lag behind a little bit too much the game will end and you’ll need to start the quest over again. Silly, I know, but it’s part of the game!

Keep on driving until you reach a rather imposing blockade – an area that Ardyn somehow manages to get you into without any issues and from there on out it’s a straight shot directly to the disc!

The Archaean

After long enough you will finally be allowed out of your vehicle again and as you make your way towards the meteor crash site you should notice a rather important sight: a Royal Tomb. Inside you will find the Sword of the Mystic – even if things don’t exactly go to plan because shortly after retrieving it there will be a tremor, causing the tomb to cave in; taking Noctis with it.

Be sure to hit the button prompt onscreen at the right time to be grabbed by Gladio who will catch you and save you from falling any deeper. Unfortunately you’ve been parted from Ignis and Prompto due to this quake and will have to go it alone with only Gladio to accompany you along the way. A lot of the pathway and ledges you’ll be following along are fairly straight forward and only requires a few spouts of combat along the way, but it isn’t anything the pair of you can’t handle perfectly fine.

Before too long Gladio will give you a bit of a pep talk to keep Noctis’ head in-line; yet shortly after that little pep talk the imperial troops feel the need to show up and ruin everyone’s day just that little bit more. At this point in the game you won’t have too much to worry about when it comes to the imperial army, so feel free to deal with them in whichever way you prefer and then prepare for a true combatant in the form of the Titan.

The Trial of Titan

Of all the battles you’ve taken part in so far, the trial the Titan has set out for you is easily the most difficult so far, which is partly down to his enormous size. Titan will start out with trying to flatten you, but after a quick button prompt you can block and deflect it back to him. The second time he tries stamping on you be sure to successfully time the button prompt again and Gladio will catch up with you and he will recommend that you get a move on back up the slope to try and regroup with everyone. Things aren’t all that easy just yet and it takes a couple more parries before you finally have everyone back together and it becomes your turn to go for him, instead of the other way around!

Keep on attacking him with every single chance you get, without putting yourself in too much danger, since one poorly timed dodge won’t be so nice on your health bar. As already mentioned, keep it up until his health bar is the one finally starting to waver and you’re then bestowed with a wonderful new ability: the Armiger Chain. This move will use the remainder of your Armiger bar and will consist of a very powerful team attack that will be in-part – the Titan’s demise.

Your friends notify you that they’ve prepared some ice-based attacks to deal significant damage to the Titan, but it requires a considerable amount of damage first of all before it can be used. If you manage to do so, you will be rewarded with an extra 5 AP and the Titan will finally be bereft of one arm.

After that particular ordeal, the Titan will be pleased with the outcome of your trial and will bestow his blessing to Noctis; deeming him worthy of his favour. Even with this knowledge, it doesn’t help the fact that everyone is still currently in danger – a problem that soon alleviates itself when Ardyn lends you a helping hand; finally getting you out of mortal danger and onto the next chapter in the story.


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Chapter 4 – Living Legend

Noctis’ party follows Ardyn to the Disc, and upon reaching the imperial checkpoint, Ardyn signals the guard to open the gate. Noctis’ party continues forward into the crater while Ardyn procures an airship in secret.

At the bottom of the crater, Noctis’ team (inexplicably) finds another Royal Arm. But immediately after claiming it, Titan moves causing a tremor that leads Noctis and Gladio to fall and inadvertently begin the Trial of the Archaen. For this trial Noctis must prove that he can defeat Titan, so the god continually engages him while they attempt to climb out of the crater. Upset by the disturbance, imperial forces move to eliminate Titan. Eventually Noctis and Gladiolous rendezvous with their companions and deal a finishing blow to Titan. However, the party is trapped in the crater, so Ardyn shows up on an airship, finally introducing himself as Chancellor Ardyn Izunia, and offers to give them a lift. They begrudgingly accept, leaving their car behind.

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