Chapter 7 - Party of Three

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Just about halfway through the game; yet sadly we are down one member of our group, but we’ll manage to make it work!

  • Rewards: 3,000 XP

Party of Three

We’ve got another chapter on the short side, but the quest itself is relatively long in comparison to some of the others that you’ve come across so far.

A few days after Gladio makes his temporary departure from the party, the 3 of them are driving along the north road – making their way to the Vesperpool – a location that initially doesn’t sound all that pleasant.

Upon the drive towards the Vesperpool you will find yourself just outside an imperial checkpoint, an area that they don’t intend to let you past with ease. Shortly after you get closer to the checkpoint, out will come a Magitek Armor – however, at level 17 it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to take it down; especially so if you use greatswords against it.

Pushing past that small sense of combat, keep on following up the road towards the next waypoint and it’s recommended that you don’t stop for anything, as there a number of higher level Magitek soldiers strewn about the place. If you stick to the road, you should be fine and shouldn’t encounter too much trouble in the long run because after a short while they’ll get bored and leave well enough alone.

You know you’re in the correct area when you notice a rather familiar car – owned by a certain Ardyn of the imperial army. To the entrance of the grove that you will soon be exploring, there will be stood Ardyn, waiting expectantly to have a chat with you. Don’t go to him straight away when you see him, though because if you have one quick explore around, you’ll find a couple of items that you might as well get while you have the chance.

When you’re ready go and find Ardyn and follow him into the nearby ruins while he does his very best to practically talk your ear off before you show up to the ruins themselves. Outside you will see a large number of guards and a previous combatant: Aranea. Ardyn will leave you from here and allow you to enjoy Aranea’s company as you explore the ruins, but first she will say something that requires a response, earning you certain rewards depending on what you pick:

  • Remain silent: Earn 2 AP
  • Confer with your friends: Prompto and Ignis earn 1,500 XP

Even with all the teasing, Aranea reveals that she won’t let on to the other guards about why you’re here. She’s been paid to escort you through the ruins for the mythril and protect the rest of the group throughout the journey – without anything else happening to them.

Thanks to Aranea sticking around, you’ve got someone to replace Gladio for the time being. You can’t really change anything on her, but with her accessories, level, and weapon you won’t have anything to worry about when you jump into combat with her; she’ll make up for the slack of Gladio.

For one reason or another, the ruins don’t actually open up until it becomes night time, so have a word with a nearby officer – will be dressed in white – and agree to wait until the night finally strikes before you can go into the ruins.

When you enter, just to your right is an empty room – ignore it and move down the left passage where you will soon come across a number of skeletons after a four-way section. These skeletons will put up a bit of a fight for you, so be aware in the knowledge that they don’t like fire, nor do they like greatswords – using a bit of both will easily knock them down a peg or two. After you take out some skeletons, there will be a nearby room that is fairly large, but be careful before you enter! The enemies located in the room aren’t to be messed about with, in the slightest.

What you will be forced to face is a number of skeletons, which you should know how to fight at this point without too much trouble, but the real issue in the room is going to be the Reaper. If you play smart and keep an eye out for any attacks from the Reaper, you should manage to best him without too much trouble; you’ve just got to stay vigilant, that’s all.

A typical – and handy – rule of thumb in this dungeon is if at any point you’re going down, especially when it comes to ramps then you know you’re going in the correct direction. There’s plenty of skeletons and Crème Brulee, which are basically a slightly more empowered version of Flan that you will have found earlier in the game. Keep on going until you stand on a loose bit of floor, allowing it to crumble underneath your feet and drop you into another large room filled with skeletons.

Soon after some more exploring, you will be treated to an Iron Giant smashing the floor for you, requiring you to fight him whether you like it or not. He doesn’t enjoy the taste of greatsword all that much and due to his hulking great size, his attacks are both slow and easy to telegraph, so it’s best to just go on the defensive whenever you get the chance and punish him for every miss that he makes.

Once the Iron Giant is dealt with, look for pretty much any and all warp tiles that you find lying about the place as they’re a pretty darn good indicator on whether you’re going in the right direction. As soon as you see fire, water, and lightning deposits, you should know that you’re in the correct place finally. Walking too far past them will initiate a boss fight – be ready!

You will be tasked with fighting a beast known as the Quetzalcoatl! The beast has nearly 65,000 points of health and doesn’t tend to let up in the slightest. Be sure to stay on the defensive with this one because whenever it flies up into the air, just to swoop down and deal massive damage to the party is the sort of thing you’re going to want to avoid it as best you can. A good recommendation for this fight is to make use of Aranea’s main technique, as it’s one of the few ways to stun it and keep it down on the ground so you can put the beat down on it. Keep this up, healing whenever necessary, and the beast shouldn’t go down without too much trouble after a while.

Once it’s down and out, be sure to go and grab the mythril ore that you came here for in the first place and head back out of the dungeon. Be careful, because once you exit the dungeon Aranea will leave the party and report that she’s tasked with sending you back. You can’t leave the Vesperpool until you speak with her, but once you do you won’t be able to come back to it, so do everything you wish to do first of all before you go and speak to her to head off into the next chapter.


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Chapter 7 – Party of Three

Because Ardyn was watching Noctis’ team, he knows that the gang needs Mythril to get to Altissia, so he removes the blockade before they arrive at Caem, and also organizes a fake training exercise as a pretense to allow Noctis’ team to explore the ruins. Several days later, Noctis, Ignis, and Prompto drive to the ruins without aid, because Cor is off helping Hunters fight monsters. When they arrive, Ardyn explains that he can let them into the ruins to gather Mythril, and has even arranged an escort, Aranea, to protect them.

The group begins exploring the ruins. Aranea spills that the empire is harvesting the ruins for daemon specimens to make more magitek troopers. She is also considering leaving the empire to go back to mercenary work because they seem to be going insane. At the bottom the gang fights a giant monster, then claims the Mythril before leaving. Outside, Aranea offers to give them a ride to wherever they need to go before leaving. Coincidentally, Ignis receives a phone call from Cindy telling them to take the Mythril to Lestallum for refinement. So, they ask Aranea for a lift back to the city.

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