Chapter 8 - Seaworthy

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We kick off the chapter getting a lift back to Lestallum, all thanks to Aranea, but not everything is going to plan to begin with.

  • Rewards: 500 XP

A Precious Source of Power

After you get dropped off back in the town, it seems things aren’t quite what they were, as you quite quickly get told things aren’t looking too good down at the power plant, so go and check it out and lend a hand to continue on the quest. It appears they have a bit of a demon problem going on; thankfully Noctis will agree to take up the task with a local hunter who’s going to be with you when you’re inside the power plant.

What awaits you inside the power plant is a number of goblins, mainly the weaker variety, but some of the stronger versions are waiting around the area as well. In this area aggression is going to be a recommended commodity, due to a lovely little treat of dealing with it in under 5 minutes will gain you some extra AP for Noctis. Keep in mind that when you’re facing these goblins that they really don’t enjoy fire or swords, so a combination of the two will deal with them with ease.

Clear out any straggler’s that’s left over and head back out of the power plant with your new friend, who for some strange reason might remind you of someone incredibly familiar. Now, if your curiosity is finally starting to get the better of you, head outside to finally have it revealed to you who they actually are and move onto the next quest in the chapter.

A Brave New World

Once you step back outside, one of the lead power plant workers will have a word with the pair of you, thanking you both for your hard work and reward you thusly. Shortly afterwards, the mysterious hunter will take off his helmet and reveal himself to be Gladio – treated with a brand new scar to boot; something he doesn’t actually explain the reason why. Anyway, after all that’s said and done, your party will be back up to 4, making whatever side-quests that you’ve got left that much easier now.

Speaking of side-quests, it’s best to complete any and all side-quests that you have left over because when you travel back to Cape Caem, you won’t be returning back to the mainlands until much later in the game. As a result of this, finish off any extra quests that you’ve got or hunts to acquire their rewards and when you’re finally ready head back to Cape Caem.

When you arrive back at Cape Caem you can have a chat with a number of people hiding out around that area and you can even enjoy the new changes that the shack have received whilst you were gone. In terms of gameplay it doesn’t really change anything, but from visual perspective it’s a rather nice change.

Follow the waypoints along the way, chatting to pretty much anyone you walk past because the majority of them will have some sort of item that you won’t want to miss out on – not when you know it’s completely for free.

After you’re done with everything you feel like completing, walk up to the boat, a prompt will show up and once that you’re all ready to go, hit that “embark” button and head on out into the wide open seas; along with chapter 9!


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Chapter 8 – Seaworthy

When they arrive in Lestallum, Aranea notices that something’s wrong at the power plant, but she can’t do anything to assist due to her orders. Noctis’ says that they can take care of it without her. The gang finds a mechanic/artisan who explains that daemons have overrun the power plant and destabilized the generators. Gladiolous (disguised as a hunter) went in earlier, but he needs help. So, (the rest of) Noctis’ team offers to clean up the plant while she treats the Mythril. However, there is only one radiation suit available, so Noctis takes it and enters alone. Noctis meets up with Gladio and the two fix up the facility.

The gang rendezvous & report back to the mechanic to receive their refined Mythril. Gladiolous takes off his suit revealing his new (unexplained) scars. Iris shows up with Dustin saying that she’ll take the refined Mythril to Cid back in Caem. Several hours later, Noctis’ team arrive in Caem to take the boat. At the dock, they run into Cor and Cid, the latter of whom tells Noctis that his companions are his brothers. Noctis, his allies, and Cid then board the now functioning boat for Altissia to meet Lunafreya and claim the Ring of the Lucii.

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