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Justice Monsters Five is an mini-game that can make your characters extremely overpowered if you farm for a few hours. Purchasing Ascensions that increase the number of accessories you can wear is key if you do plan to do so. Increasing everyone's STR by 50 and HP by 500 is going to make you quite strong. One final note: If you plan to play Noctis like a spellcaster it wouldn't be a bad idea to farm three Celestriads for each of your team mates; so you don't blow away your allies HP with friendly fire spells as much.

Charge Attacks

Each of your heroes has a charge attack indicated by the letter on the bottom left. These charge attacks are used by holding down X for a second and then letting go. The various charge attacks are:

  • P - Pierce. Instead of bouncing off of each monster it pierces right through them and keeps going
  • B - Blast. It will detonate on the first monster it touches hitting it three times instead of once.
  • C - Curve. The monster will Curve and hug one side of the arena all the way up to the top.


Each Hero has a unique element associated with them. The various elements and their weaknesses are:

  • Fire - High damage to Earth. Weak to Water.
  • Earth - High damage to Lightning. Weak to Fire.
  • Lightning - High damage to Water. Weak to Earth.
  • Water - High damage to Fire. Weak to Lightning.
  • Dark - High damage to Light. Weak to Light.
  • Light - High damage to Dark. Weak to Dark.

Note: All boss encounters are Fire based. It's best to defeat his defenders and finish him off with a Water hero.

Note: Light element appears to be extremely rare.


Mastering slicing makes this mini-game a lot easier. Slicing is performed by holding the Left Analog stick in various directions and pressing X. This causes the pinball to fire in various directions that are not easily shot otherwise.

Useful Slices:

  • Straight Down: Fires the pinball towards the center. Excellent for hitting the center bumper.
  • Down Right / Down Left: Fires the pinball to the top right and top left corners. Excellent for getting around bumpers.
  • Straight Up: Makes your pinball hop from one side to the other. Excellent for dodging a bosses super attack.


Each hero has a mana gauge to the right of their portrait. When the gauge is full you can perform a hero attack by pressing Square. It doesn't do much damage but it does make you invulnerable for a short time which can be useful. The trick to this however is that you can select a different hero with L1 or R1 and use their specials as well. Doing so puts that hero into the battle for a short time, giving you two pinballs and making your second hero invulnerable. You can have all four heroes on the field at once if you use each of their specials back to back.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the correct element. Your 4 heroes each have an element. they should be switched in and out depending on what enemies you are fighting.
  • You switch heroes by selecting them with L1 or R1 (ps4) and hitting Triangle to bring them in.
  • If you heroes get too low switch characters and wait out a potion or spin to heal them up
  • Ignore points. All you want to be doing is hitting the bumpers for a chance to spin for Treasure.
  • You can only get 4 spins per stage. Once you have the four spins kill the boss and reset your spin counter.
  • If you want to hit the middle bumpers easy and fast, hold down on the left stick and spam the x button (ps4)
  • You can only get one prize per game. So if you get 99 treasures you will only get the one prize for 99 treasures not all prizes up to 99.
  • When you're doing a slice/spin shot, pulling backward on the joystick and a little to the side gives the best result for a very slight, slow curve, whereas pulling it straight left/right or forward makes it drill into the wall.
  • If you hit the hero power button while you have X orb in play, but Y orb selected with your cursor, it uses the selected orb's hero power and then you can play with both orbs at once for like 15 seconds! The second orb is invincible as well.
  • Bonuses to HP will heal all your monsters, so if one is low on HP don't use it for a while until you get healed


Chocobo Chests are obtain via a Slot Machine. The slot machine can be activated four times on each stage. Stages are usually comprised of either Three Waves, or a couple waves followed by a boss battle. To activate the slot machine you need to hit Bumpers located in the arena over and over until the yellow gauge in the center fills up. The four orbs in the center represent how many times you've activated the slot machine.

This can be done incredibly easy by holding the left analog stick straight down so that your slices hit the center bumper over and over (90% of the time).

  • Note: You can quit the pinball game anytime you want once you've obtained the number of chests that you want.

10 Gil Games

Chests Reward Stats Increase
02 Potion
05 Hi-Potion
10 Elixir
15 Hi-Elixir
20 Garnet Bracelet Strength +30
25 Carbon Bangle Max HP +150
30 Amethyst Bracelet Strength +35
35 Titanium Bangle Max HP +200
40 Mega Phoenix
45 Sapphire Bracelet Strength +45
50 Gold Bangle Max HP +500
60 Oracle Earring Magic +200
70 Ruby Bracelet Strength +50
80 Platinum Bangle Max HP +700
90 Emerald Bracelet Strength +60
99 Celestriad Reduces Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage by 30%

10,000 Gil Games

Found near Alessio in Altissa

Chests Reward Stats Increase
05 Hi-Potion
10 Mega Phoenix
15 Ruby Bracelet Strength +50
20 Platinum Bangle Max HP +700
25 Emerald Bracelet Strength +60
30 Centurion Bangle Max HP +1000
35 Mystic Circlet Magic +250
40 Moogle Charm EXP +20%
45 Legatus Bangle Max HP +1200
50 Blue Diamond Bracelet Strength +80
60 Gigas Bangle Max HP +1500
70 Assist Suit Max HP +500, Strength +30, Vitality +20
80 Dark Matter Bracelet Strength +100
90 Onion Bangle Max HP + 2500
99 Wind-up Lord Vexxos*


Definitely farm x3 Emerald Bracelets (can get a 4th easily from the Balouve Mines).

From the 10g games. Farm x3 Celestriads if you like to cast spells and don't want to worry as much about friendly fire. Grab an Oracle Earring for casting (can swap it in during combat then take it off after casting a spell, same goes for Celestriads). Personally, I wouldn't bother with the Platinum Bangle, I find +Vitality/Defense accessories more useful.

tl;dr- 60/90/99 chests are best rewards from 10 gil game

For the 10k game, you'll wanna farm x4 Moogle Charms for exp, a Mystic Circlet for casting, x4 Dark Matter Bracelets, maybe x4 Assist Suits (not sure what other endgame +Vitality accessories there are, but these are nice all-in-ones), and some Wind-up Lord Vexxos for whenever you need gil (sells for 500k or it can be used in Elemancy to gain the added effect of Maxicast (Limit Break). The effect is set by default at level 99. The damage dealt can break usual limit of 9,999).

tl;dr- 35/40/70/80/99 chests are best rewards from 10k gil game