Secret Chocobo Collectibles

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Secret Chocobo Collectibles are found on Chocobo Racing Courses during certain conditions. Different item requires different conditions. These items unlock different Colors for your Chocobo at the Chocobo Salon. Note that once you've picked the item up, you don't need to win the race to keep them.

Chocobo Leisure GoodAcquired by
Cieldalaes PearRace vs. Prompto
Or Full Field
Or Chocobo Hoops: Grange Gallop
Doman PearRace vs. Prompto or Ignis during rainy weather
Han PearRace vs. Ignis
Or Chocobo Hoops: Rocky Road
Mamook PearAny Hoop race during rainy weather.
O'Ghomoro PearRace vs. Prompto or Ignis
Or Full Field at night between 20:30 and 03:59
Val PearChocobo Hoops: Rocky Road at night between 20:30 and 03:59.
Xelphatol PearRace vs. Gladiolus or Iris