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Skill Levels

Chocobos have 10 levels that you can achieve by riding them for certain periods of time.

Lvl Requirement Bonus
1 Starting point
2 Riding for 2 mins New Ability: Dash De Chocobo - You can summon your chocobo to flee once per battle.
3 Riding for 6 mins Max Stamina +10, Running speed increased (20mph)
4 Riding for 8 mins New Ability: Kick De Chocobo - Your Chocobo can join you in battles and deliver a devastating kick.
5 Riding for 12 mins Max Stamina +10, sprinting Speed increased (28mph)
6 Riding for 16 mins New Ability: Dance De Chocobo - Your Chocobo can buff you to increase your health regeneration in battle.
7 Riding for 20 mins Max Stamina +10, Jump Height Increased (8' 8")
8 Riding for 20 mins New Ability: Rush De Chocobo - Your chocobo can unleash a flurry of attacks.
9 Riding for 24 mins Max Stamina +10, Stamina Recovery Rate x2
10 Riding for 30 mins New Ability: Link De Chocobo - Your chocobo can perform Blindside-Link attacks with Noctis.

Note: The Riding Time counter is reset after the last level is earned. So for example - After earning Level 3, you would need to ride for an additional 8 mins to gain the next level.

Chocobo Riding Mechanics

  • Sprint wears off after your Chocobo takes its 8th step.
  • Chocobos retain their Sprint speed while gliding; your stamina also recovers while in the air.
  • Halting (braking) while sprinting gives you a small boost as your Chocobo slides; it also allows you to recover some stamina.

How To Make Chocobo Faster

  • Press sprint
  • Between the Chocobo's 7th and 8th step, jump and glide.
  • Immediately after the Chocobo lands, press Halt (brake) to make the Chocobo slide.
  • Sprint again and repeat.

Do not let go of the Trot button while doing all of the steps. This allows you to have a longer time retaining sprint speed and lets you recover some stamina while doing it.