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Basics and Mechanics

There are four parts to a spell, the three different elements and the catalysts.

  • You can put as many of each (up to 99) in the spell
  • The element that has the absolute majority will determine the type of spell
    • For example, 10 fire, 4 ice, 4 lightning will = Fire with a potency of 18
    • But, 10 fire, 6 ice, 6 lightning = Unicast because fire does not have an absolute majority. Unicast will randomly cast one of the three elemental spells.

The fourth item, the catalyst will add three different parts to the spell, additional potency, added effects, and additional copies of the spell.

Let's say from the previous example, your spell includes 10 fire, 4 ice, and 4 lightning but now you add a catalyst: 1 Shattered Timepiece

The Shattered Timepiece has these properties:

The result will be a 5 copies (2 extra copies because of the duplication units) of a Fire spell with a total power of 26 (18 + 8 from the Shattered Timepiece) with a Dualcast effect that works 75 percent of the time (all casts default to 50% of the time, the effect level is added to this so 50 + 25 = 75)

So one more example, let's look at the catalyst Magitek Core

Added Effect: Quintcast

  • Power Value: 99
  • Effect Level: 48
  • Units Required For Duplication: .2

Let's do a spell that has:

  • 99 Fire
  • 49 Lightning
  • 49 Ice
  • 5 Magitek Core

The result would be:

Tiers of Spells

Added Effects

See also: Added Effects
Name Effect Description Catalysts
Quintcast 5x cast First spell guaranteed; following have reduced accuracy. Minimum at 50%. Success chance = 50 + catalysts' effect level x amount of catalyst added Magitek Booster, Reflex Enhancer, Magitek Core, Imperial Medal of Honor, Magnetron, Malboro Eye, Mandrake Flower, Scarlet Splinterbone
Quadcast 4x cast Mega Phoenix, Allural Shallot Hulldagh Nutmeg, Kettier Ginger, Beetle Shell, Gralean Medal of Distinction, Catoblepas Fang, Monster Claw, Sharp Tail Feathers, Thunderoc Feather
Tricast 3x cast Phoenix Down, Elixir, Hi-Elixir, Sweet Pepper, Schier Turmeric, Dragon Scales, Glass Gemstone, Garula Fur, Crooked Helixhorn, Shield Spike, Wyvern Wing
Dualcast 2x cast Remedy, Superior Restorative, Ether, Sheep Milk, Metal Scrap, Shattered Timepiece, Chrome Bit, Sharp Bone, Strong Bone, Tiny Feather, Garula Tusk, Hairy Horn, Voretooth Bristles, Havocfang Hide, Hard Whiskers, Supple Tail, Sahagin Scale, Rough Scales, Cockatrice Tail Feathers, Basilisk Plumage, Bulette Carapace
Venomcast Poison Success chance of effect = catalysts' effect level x number of catalysts Antidote, Funguar, Insect Stinger, Scorpion Barb
Cursecast Mollified Status Leiden Pepper, Alstroom, Hardened Hoof, Crimson Tongue, Centipede Legs, Centipede Jaw, Translucent Skin
Stopcast Stop Maiden's Kiss, Broken Harmonica, Star Shell, Ancient Dragon Tooth, Ammonite Fossil, Fossil Wood, Fossil Shell
Killcast Instant Death Gold Needle, Scorpion Stinger, Coeurl Whiskers
Healcast Heals caster Percentage healed = catalyst's effect level x number of catalysts. Potion, Hi-Potion, Leiden Potato, Aegir Root, Chocobean, Wild Onion, Saxham Rice, Lucian Tomato, Beetroot, Killer Tomato, Cup Noodles
Freecast Chances of not consuming energy Chance = catalysts' effect level x number of catalysts used Beautiful Bottle
Experiecast EXP bonus to caster Bonus EXP = catalysts' effect level x number of catalysts used x 100 Did Book, Rare Coin, Debased Silverpiece, Debased Banknote, Cockatrice Crest
Failcast Gambling: spell either fails or deals significant amount of damage Fail chance = catalyst's effect level x number of catalysts used / 100 Rusted Bit, Iron Shavings
Powercast Increased Power Increased damage factored in Catalyst’s Power Value. All Powercast spells are at T1 even if beyond 100.
Blastcast Damages both caster and target Increased damage factored in Catalyst’s Power. The caster’s HP is reduced to 1 Giant Crab Pincers, Strong Pincers
Maxicast Ultimate elemental spell Default at lvl 99 but damage can break 9999 Hunter's Medal, Adamantite, Wind-up Lord Vexxos, Zu Beak, Hardened Hide, Rotten Splinterbone, Dragon Claw
None No effect but still adds power



See also: Catalysts


See also: Consumables
United Required
For Duplication
Flesh FortifierNone3-0.50
Gold NeedleKillcast01016.67
Magitek BoosterVenomcast2040-
Maiden's KissVenomcast02416.67
Mega PhoenixQuadcast8101.82
Mettle VXNone2-10
Moogle PlushieNone1--
Muscle StimulantNone3-0.50
Phoenix DownTricast322.38
Power EXNone2-10
Reflex EnhancerQuintcast1025-
Smelling SaltsCursecast02216.67
Spirit ZXNone2-10
Superior RestorativeDualcast2752.86
Verve WXNone2-10


See also: Ingredients
United Required
For Duplication
Aegir RootHealcast11020.00
Allural Sea Bass Fillet
Allural ShallotQuadcast1312.50
Anak MeatNone3-11.11
Arapaima RoeExperiecast99309.09
Barramundi FilletNone3-7.14
Behemoth TenderloinNone33-4.17
Birdbeast EggNone1-9.09
Bulette Shank
Caem PinkshrimpDualcast135.56
Catoblepas BrisketNone26-3.45
Chickatrice LegNone5-8.33
Cleigne DarkshellDualcast145.56
Cleigne MolluskDualcast215.88
Cleigne WheatHealcast0259.09
Cygillan Crab
Daggerquill BreastNone1-12.50
Dank Barramundi Fillet
Dualhorn SteakNone2-8.33
Eos Green PeasNone2-16.67
Fine Cleigne WheatHealcast0503.03
Fine Gighee HamNone8-7.14
Garula SirloinNone4-10.00
Garulessa Steak
Giant Trevally FilletNone1-7.14
Gigantoad Steak
Gighee HamNone2-12.50
Griffon BreastNone33-2.94
Hulldagh NutmegQuadcast1520.00
Jabberwock SirloinNone31--
Karlabos Claw
Kettier GingerQuadcast1212.50
Killer TomatoHealcast2507.14
Kujata MarrowTricast8153.45
Leiden PepperCursecast11512.50
Leiden PotatoHealcast01016.67
Leiden Sweet PotatoHealcast12016.67
Leukorn SteakNone24-3.23
Lucian Carp Fillet
Lucian TomatoHealcast1307.14
Luncheon Meat
Midgardsormr ShankNone34-4.76
Mighty Barramundi Fillet
Nebula Salmon FilletNone3-7.14
Platinum Myrltrout FilletNone8-6.25
Sahagin LiverTricast6107.14
Saxham RiceHealcast0257.14
Schier TurmericTricast1125.00
Sea Bass FilletNone4-6.25
Sheep MilkDualcast1125.00
Shieldshears Claw
Smoking WoodTricast1125.00
Sweet Pepper
Tenebraen OakQuadcast1114.29
Tide Grouper FilletNone5-6.25
Trout FilletNone2-7.14
Ulwaat BerriesHealcast8990.75
Vesper Gar FilletNone10-6.25
Wennath Salmon Fillet
Wild OnionHealcast01012.50
Zipper Barramundi Fillet
Zu TenderNone52-2.50


See also: Treasures
United Required
For Duplication
AdamantiteLimit Break99-0.1
Alstor Bass BonesNone1-2.08
Ammonite FossilStopcast4751.35
Anak AntlersDualcast8222.08
Anak FetlockCursecast2253.03
Ancient Dragon ToothStopcast6991.20
Arapaima ScalesFreecast22-
Arba SpurCursecast1402.22
Barbed Poison NeedleVenomcast6991.33
Barbed ScytheNone1-1.33
Barramundi InnardsCursecast24992.08
Barrelfish MucusNone1-1.92
Barrelfish ScalesNone1-3.03
Basilisk PlumageDualcast1381.54
Bass EyeNone14-3.13
Bass TeethNone5-3.13
Beautiful BottleFreecast01-
Beautiful HideQuadcast16101.54
Beautiful PlumageTricast4261.52
Beetle ShellQuadcast16101.54
Behemoth HornQuintcast4152.50
Big Scorpion StingerKillcast4422.38
Bluegill FinNone4-2.78
Bluegill ScaleNone1-3.03
Broken HarmonicaStopcast2991
Building StoneNone30-3.03
Bulette CarapaceDualcast12151.39
Cactuar NeedleFreecast10-
Catfish BarbelDualcast116.67
Catfish HeartQuadcast12152.08
Catfish MucusDualcast156.67
Catoblepas FangQuadcast22100.91
Centipede FeetCursecast1256.25
Centipede JawCursecast3335.56
Centipede LegsCursecast1208.33
Centipede TeethCursecast6331.82
Chrome BitDualcast16100.67
Cockatrice CrestExperiecast3233.33
Cockatrice Tail FeathersDualcast1251.54
Coeurl WhiskersKillcast6521.33
Colorful Griffon ClawQuintcast16253
Crab CarapaceDualcast2101.52
Crimson TongueCursecast1471.25
Crooked HelixhornTricast1201
Curved FangNone1-2.94
Curved HollowhornQuadcast7181.43
Dace ScalesNone1-1.92
Deadly StingerVenomcast4992.17
Debased BanknoteExperiecast664
Debased CoinExperiecast444
Debased SilverpieceExperiecast884
Divine WhiskersNone36-1.03
Downy FeathersQuadcast4181.52
Dragon ClawLimit Break72-3.03
Dragon HornQuintcast33102.27
Dragon ScalesTricast821.05
Drooping WhiskersNone18-1.18
Earth GemstoneQuadcast22151
Electrolytic CondenserNone12-0.91
Enormous StingerVenomcast3992.27
Fearsome HoofCursecast52751.33
Fine CrestExperiecast5333.33
Fine Slimy OilCursecast18991.22
Fine Tail FeathersDualcast18491.14
Fossil ShellStopcast1521.79
Fossil WoodStopcast1281.92
Gar FinQuintcast118.33
Garula FurTricast1102.50
Garula TuskDualcast1102.50
Giant Crab PincersBlastcast24-0.5
Giant CurlhornQuadcast3241.19
Giant FeatherTricast413.03
Giant Hairy HornTricast12142.08
Giant HoofCursecast42501.67
Glass GemstoneTricast18151
Gorgeous PlumageQuadcast8261.47
Gralean Medal of DistinctionQuadcast12280.33
Great Anak AntlersQuadcast4181.61
Great Garula TuskTricast10122.22
Greatsnake CrestQuadcast26243.03
Greatsnake ScaleNone33-1.19
Griffon ClawQuintcast5104.55
Griffon FeatherNone2-0.50
Grouper BonesDualcast315.56
Grouper FinTricast10102.78
Grouper SkinDualcast554.55
Hairy HornDualcast1253.03
Hard ScaleTricast8422.08
Hard WhiskersDualcast152.63
Hardened HideLimit Break48-2.86
Hardened HoofCursecast1301.18
Havocfang HideDualcast1252.94
Heavy ScaleTricast43101.22
Hunter's MedalLimit Break90-0.02
Hydraulic CylinderQuintcast422020
Imperial Medal of HonorQuintcast24360.25
Insect StingerVenomcast1301.92
Iron ShavingsFailcast32120.33
Jade Gar MirrorscaleLimit Break34994.17
Jumbo NeedleFreecast02-
King Catfish HeartNone6-2.08
Large Arapaima ScalesFreecast22-
Large HollowhornQuintcast10120.75
Laser SensorNone22-0.83
Lucian Carp ReverscalesExperiecast3128.33
Lucian Carp RowscalesExperiecast388.33
Magitek CoreQuintcast99480.20
Magnificent CrestExperiecast7533.33
Magnificent Tail FeathersDualcast28491.02
Malboro EyeQuintcast12504.76
Malboro VineKillcast1508.33
Mandrake FlowerQuintcast0112.50
Mesmenir HornTricast131.96
Metal ScrapDualcast111.25
Monster ClawQuadcast2142.38
Monster JawNone99-3.03
Morion Trout ScalesTricast8303.03
Murk Grouper EyeStopcast12252.27
Mythril IngotFreecast995-
Mythril ShaftQuadcast1250.83
Old BookExperiecast332.78
Phoenix Bass BladderNone3-3.13
Platinum IngotFreecast993-
Poisonous Catfish FinQuadcast1204.00
Prawn AntennaeBlastcast24-0.50
Quality Building StoneNone48-2.17
Rare CoinExperiecast8124
Repair KitNone3--
Rotten SplinterboneLimit Break12-4.17
Rough ScalesDualcast1101.54
Rough ShellTricast1251.18
Rusted BitFailcast1280.83
Sabertusk ClawNone1-3.03
Sahagin ScaleDualcast3381.92
Salmon FinTricast6153.03
Scaled SkinDualcast3102.08
Scarlet SplinterboneQuintcast0331.03
Scorpion BarbVenomcast1204.76
Scorpion StingerKillcast1164.55
Sharp BoneDualcast4151.72
Sharp BristlesVenomcast5992.22
Sharp Head FinCursecast12991.41
Sharp ScytheNone5-1.33
Sharp Tail FeathersQuadcast007.14
Shattered TimepieceDualcast8250.50
Shield SpikeTricast8244.55
Sky GemstoneFailcast99750.03
Slimy OilCursecast7991.14
Small BeakPowercast25-1.33
Snakehead ScalesDualcast135.56
Snakehead TeethNone2-3.03
Spiked ArmorTricast26308.33
Spiny Barramundi FinCursecast3215.56
Splendid Building StoneNone65-1.92
Star ShellStopcast1522.17
Strong BoneDualcast16251.33
Strong PincersBlastcast33-0.5
Strong WhiskersKillcast18991.25
Sturdy HelixhornTricast3320.97
Supple TailDualcast1281.39
Thick HideTricast8101
Thunderoc FeatherQuadcast017.14
Tiny FeatherDualcast152.08
Tough ShellDualcast1492.27
Translucent SkinCursecast20990.65
Treant BranchTricast181.14
Treant TrunkHealcast2990.98
Trevally FinNone5-2.78
Trevally ScalesNone10-3.03
Trout ScalesDualcast183.03
Voretooth BristlesDualcast133.03
Wind-up Lord VexxosLimit Break90-0.02
Worn IncisorCursecast33990.63
Wyvern WingTricast12251.39
Zu BeakLimit Break90-0.70