How to Get 3 Million EXP

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Make sure you are in Chapter 9

  1. Get 40-45 Rare Coins. Make sure you have 38,000 gil and at least 5 Magic of any element, Fire, Ice, Lightning, doesn't matter. Also, (optional) have Moogle Charms.
  2. To get Rare Coins, make sure you are in the Cleigne area, approach the blue glowy items all over the map in that area
  3. Save your game. Pick up the item. If it's not a Rare Coin, keep reloading and picking it up until you get a Rare Coin.
  4. Once you get a Rare Coin, save your game, move to the next blue glowy item on the ground, repeat step 3.
  5. Do this until you have 40-45 coins then make 5 flasks of Expericast using 1 Magic (any element) and 8-9 Rare Coins in each flask. Takes a couple of hours to get the coins.
  6. Go to Altissa and eat the Maagho Lasagne from Maagho restaurant. You'll know where this is, it's part of the story. This costs 8,000 gil.
  7. Go back to Lucis and go north of Hammerhead and kill Sabretusks there, throwing 1 Flask per encounter. Keep doing this till all your flasks run out.
  8. Do NOT throw it at the Bandersnatch. You lose EXP this way. You want the battles to finish ASAP. So throw it at Sabretusks and end the fight quickly.
  9. You'll have 5 casts per flask and 5 flasks in total, so that's 25 casts in 25 quick battles.
  10. When finished, you will have around 900k EXP. With Moogle Charm you'll have around 1 million EXP.
  11. Go back to Altissa, go to the Leville Hotel, you'll know where this is, again it's part of the story. Speak to the guy on the right side of the counter, pay 30,000g to rest there for triple EXP.
  12. Congrats. You have just earned 2.7 to 3 million EXP in about 2.5 hours. This will take you from 54 to 99 with Moogle Charm, or 54 to 98 without Moogle Charm.