Malmalam Thicket

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Malmalam Thicket is a Dungeon

Strategy Guide

Throughout the majority of this dungeon you’re going to be fighting creatures and monsters that range from late-level 20’s, all the way up to late-level 30’s. As a result of this you’re going to want to be around level 35, just so you don’t come across any real surprises when trudging through the dense and tough thicket.

  • Rewards: 3,000 XP

Upon entering the thicket you will be treated to a couple of Mandrakes for you to take out; yet thankfully they don’t require all that much effort to actually deal with – especially when you introduce them to a little bit of fire. A little further up you will come in contact with a Soldier Wasp, a creature that is almost bound to poison you at least once, hence why it might be a good idea to bring some healing items out with you; just in case that poison starts to become a little bit too much to deal with in the long run.

Make your way through the thicket, until you come across a new bend that you’re going to want to be prepared to come around. Just around that corner is 3 more of those wasps and they don’t intend to play very nice. Simply stay on the defensive so they don’t get the chance to cause you confusion or poison and you should deal with them fairly quickly before too long.

If you’ve found yourself or your party lacking some heath, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a campsite about halfway through the dungeon and if you want to take the chance to heal or cook up something that lowers confusion rates; that wouldn’t be a bad idea. After you’re ready to make a move, head towards the north of the map, as the south will lead you to a dead end – a dead end that doesn’t have all that much in it to begin with.

You will know you’re going in the right direction after you come across a Gigantoad, Soldier Wasp, a couple of Mandrakes, and another couple of Shieldshears. While I do recommend you try and defeat the wasp first of all, it isn’t exactly necessary; but in the long run it will make your life considerably easier for both you and your party. Be sure to use any and all AOE moves that you have access to, because the number of enemies that you’re fighting, the more stuff you damage in one strike, the better!

Once you’re ready to continue on, head towards a ridge on your right, where you will soon leave behind the canyon and come out into a rather open area; in which a level 38 Bandersnatch is waiting to tear you limb from limb.

In terms of all the creatures you’ve fought throughout the dungeon, this is going to be the biggest one you’ve fought by a long shot. The size of the beast can only do so much; however, just like many other things in the game, it has a form of weakness. The monsters weaknesses come in the form of polearms and lightning.

A lot of the fight the beast will be pretty slow and easy to read, but do be aware when he spins around to hit you with his tail, he is just about to charge; an attack that can knock your health bar way down if you’re not careful. If by any chance that does occur, try to get some respite on one of the many warp-points that are lying about to regain some of your health.

Once the beast has been defeated, have a quick look around to notice the tomb and acquire your brand new Royal Arm: the Scepter of the Pious.


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