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How do I go to the Carnival?

It's simple! Make sure you have the Free/Paid DLC from the PlayStation Store, and the newest 1.04 patch installed. Then all you have to do is press 'Special' from the Main Menu and select a save file!

What is the Moogle Chocobo Carnival?

As the 2nd update of FFXV, this free event takes you on a journey to Altissia during a more festive time not seen in the main game. This is an event held once a year in Alitissa, all about the world's favorite, fluffy creatures! The Moogle, and the Chocobo! Carbuncle comes along to provide information and to join Noctis in the celebration.

  • You can come back to this event any time by pressing Special from the Main Menu, until it ends at February 20th.


This soft companion will speak out occasionally, but is most useful for getting around the map. Quick travel through Carbuncle is enabled once you've visited all of the attractions around Altissia.

  • You are also able to point-warp to certain areas around the map, saving you time on taking boat trips.


Main Quests

Interrupted by Fireworks

  • Complete this quest by collecting enough Choco-Mog Medallions throughout the city and purchasing a special pass to see the end-of-day fireworks show.
  • You will obtain the item 'Dream Egg' after seeing the show.

Side Quests

The Brothers Kupomazov

  • There are Six, tiny and shiny Moogles hidden around Altissia, take a photo of them to clear the quest. You will get 6 Choco-Mog Medallions as a reward.
  1. First - Atop the 'Square Enix Cafe' sign at the entrance
  2. Second - Atop the Statue's staff behind the Choco-Mog photo cutout, near Kenny Crow.
  3. Third - Wait at the quest marker, turn the camera 180 degrees, wait a couple of seconds and turn back around. A Gondola will soon appear behind the water wheel, and the one with a Chocobo on the front will have the Third Moogle sitting on top of it.
  4. Fourth - Atop the streetlight overlooking the city opposite the stairs.
  5. Fifth - Stand at the marker, and turn until you see the two main Pillars, in front of the Chocobo.
  6. Sixth - Short bridge right outside the area that you went for The Cursed Canvas. It's in the window of the walk-in area.

ODEKA ke Chocochicks

  • You get to go on a mad goose- Chocobo chase around the entirety of Altissia looking for 15 loose baby Chocobos.
  • You will get 10 Choco-Mog Medallions as a reward. Consequent completions award more.
  • If you walk up to them, they will not run away.
  • All the Chocobo locations below

ODEKA ke Chocochicks1.jpg

Decorate the Carnival!

3 Quests available at Listro Park. Solve the riddles in order to complete each task.

Fountain Decorations: Decoded

Less "kupo" than "kweh," s' il vous plait, But a star-seated moogle would make my day.

There are less Moogles than Chocobos, but the Moogle must go on the star-shaped gift. Which means the 2 others must be Chocobos.

Answer: Chocobo, Moogle, Chocobo.

Plaza Decorations: Decoded

A chorus of "kweh" drowns out the "kupo". Left of the star roosts a chocobo, A moogle sits on the circle's side; Left of the square does another reside.

Left of the star-shaped gifts must have Chocobos, and a Moogle must be on the side of the circle (first star-shape) and another next to that one. (circle-shaped gift) Then since there is just the last star-shaped gift left, it must house a Chocobo since there must be a lesser number of Moogles.

Answer: Chocobo, Moogle, Moogle, Chocobo, Chocobo.

Staircase Decorations: Decoded

For every "kweh", there is a "kupo"; Between the squares, a moogle must go. Atop the star, one bird shall doze, While another roosts left of the rose.

Between the squares is a circle-shaped gift, that is where the Moogle needs to be. The star must house a Chocobo, while another one needs to be on the left side of the rose-colored, circle-shaped gift. The last Moogle sits on the last square gift, since there must be an equal number of Chocobos and Moogles.

Answer: Chocobo, Chocobo, Moogle, Moogle.

Mini Games


A mini-game located in the Arena Galviano. You have three weapons: A Squeaky Hammer (Sword), a Supersized Squeaky Hammer (Longsword), and a Pair of Squeaky Hammers (Daggers). The goal is to strike the Cactuars as many times as possible within the time limit to rack up points. Daggers will give you the least amount of points, while the Longsword will yield the most. Each round will spawn a Giant Cactuar, giving you a chance to win even more points. They are crucial to winning the mini-game. Warp-striking and Air-stepping gives even less points, so it's more efficient to combo by switching weapons.

Galviano Gallery

A mini-game located in the Arena Galviano. The goal is to use the turret to break as many targets in quick succession in order to gain points. If you stay on the trigger for too long, the gun will overheat and will be unusable for several seconds. Quick succession in destroying targets will give you more bonus points at the end of the game.

Chocobo Races

Chocobo-Moogle Carnival special! Chocobo Races right in Altissia! First race is called Seaside Scamper, and the second one is called Water Trotter. You get Medallions for completing them under the time limit!

Waiting on Maagho

A waiter-server mini-game available on the floating restaurant, Maagho.

Completing exceptional amount of rounds will yield Medallions.

All About Moogles

A costumed Moogle in the Square Enix Cafe wants to ask you several questions. In order to prove yourself as a true Moogle fan, you must answer these questions correctly in order to win Medallions. You get 3, 5, and 10 respectively.

Choice Question Answer
Kupo! Where can you buy Moogle doll materials? Lestallum
Kupo? How many Moogles are on display around the city? About 60
Kupo... What type of lures are Moogle-shaped? Minnow

Dancing with the Mascots

You can dance with the Chocobo and Moogle mascots to gain 3 Medallions. You'll only get them for the first time, but the action itself is repeatable.

Photo Search

There are several posters set up around the city of Alitissa that give you the opportunity to gain extra Choco-Mog Medallions through the Camera Action available during the event. It gives you subjects to photograph, the angle won't matter for most of them as long as you get a clear shot of the subject. Also, a very few of these are time-specific. Go to the Square Enix Cafe and Talk to the server to set it to Day or Night.

  • You have to take the photo, and wait until the text box comes up. If you exit right away, it won't detect the photo properly.

Poster #1 - On the short bridge right between the Chocobo Races and the Leville

Poster #2 - On the Eastern block inbetween Sonelio Plaza and Maagho

  • Photo of Gentiana - Go to the first Prize Counter. There are two bridges linking this block to the next block with the Chocobo Race stall. Make your way to the Eastern bridge, stand in the center, and point your camera towards the Chocobo Race icon on the minimap and Gentiana will be visible on one of the balconies.
  • Photo of the Mime (Random NPC Employee) - Right in front of Ministerial Quarter Station, the staffer only shows up during the day.
  • Photo of the Photo Stand - Right on the stairway near Square Enix cafe, where the next Poster is. Look below.

Poster #3 - On the stairway towards Square Enix cafe, right next to the photo stand

  • Photo of a white cat on a table - Make your way to the Cardboard cutout where you can interact with an NPC to take a picture. There is a hallway to the left of her. The cat can be found down that hallway.
  • Photo of the black cat in the planter - Go to the Square Enix Cafe. Head towards the Ticket Counter in order to make your way to the stairs with two half-circle walkways. Go to through the one on the right, and approach the fence. The planter with the white flower vines hanging off on the left side is the one with the cat in it.
  • Photo of Aranea - Go to the Prize Counter in front of the Square Enix Cafe. Look up and to the left, and behind the tree leaves, you'll see her standing on the side of the building.

Poster #4 - In front of the Square Enix Cafe

  • Photo of Plushies and a frog - If you go to the display shop that once held Luna's dress, you'll find plushies on display instead.
  • Photo of Carnival Employee hidden behind boxes - A little past the Cafe, there's the small entryway that you took for The Cursed Canvas. Head down those stairs, take an immediate left and you'll find the employee slacking off(?) behind two green boxes.
  • Photo of Dino - Go to the back of the Square Enix Cafe, you'll see him either standing up or leaning on a table with two other NPCs.

Poster #5 - In the plaza with the stairs leading to Listro Park, right next to Kenny Crow

  • Photo of Vyv - Down near where the Justice Monsters Five machines
  • Photo of Kenny Crow - There's a set of stairs that lead up to Listro Park. During the day, he can been seen in the plaza at the bottom of the stairs near the Photo cutout. Take a picture here.

Poster #6 - In Listro Park


There are 3 Fishing Locations: The Sonelio Plaza, The Furgola Canal, and The Gondola Marina.


Description of Items

Howling Gust - Defense 110

Albireo - Attack 245

  • A reel exclusive to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. Based on the Galatea, this spool is sure to tickle any fisherman's fancy.

Poppeck: Tinselred Chocobo

  • Suited for: Crimson Trevally - A popper lure that resembles everyone's favorite feathered friend. A Moogle Chocobo Festival Exclusive.

Mog Rank: Rubygold Moogle

  • Suited for: Redeye Bass - A crankbait lure exclusive to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. It dives when reeled in and floats when the tension is released.

How to Obtain Those Items


Do I have to finish all the quests to get all the exclusive items?

  • No, you do not.

What save should I use?

  • Choose your most recent save. That save is the one your items will be carried over to.

Can I level my Fishing Skill here?

  • Yes, you can. You just have to load into the Main Game and Rest.

Should I just use the Free version or the Paid version? What's the Season Pass do?

  • The Season Pass grants you the Paid version of the Holiday Pack. The only thing the Free Version does not get you is the Festive Ensemble Attire.

Which items should I grind after finishing all the Quests?

  • That's up to you, there's a detailed list right below on what items do what and what they're used for.

If I rest at the Leville, will it tally my EXP?

  • No, the Carnival is completely separate.

What does the Dream Egg do?

  • Nothing as of yet.

Prize Counter Treasures


Item Cost of
Sky Gemstone 80 This item is used in the Circular Saw upgrade from Cid. It also creates Failcast spells. Sells for 2,500 Gil.
Spiked Armor 60 This item is used in the Absorb Shield upgrade from Cid. It also creates Tricast spells. Sells for 2,300 Gil.
Earth Gemstone 40 This item is used in the Valiant upgrade from Cid. It also creates Quadcast spells. Sells for 1,500 Gil.
Coeurl Whiskers 40 This item is used in the Drain Lance upgrade from Cid. It also creates Killcast spells. Sells for 1,500 Gil.
Magnetron 40 This item is used in the Noiseblaster upgrade from Cid. It also creates Quintcast spells. Sells for 1,500 Gil.
Hydraulic Cylinder 40 This item is used in the Gravity Well upgrade from Cid. It also creates Quintcast spells. Sells for 1,600 Gil.
Monster Claw 30 This item is used in the Force Stealer upgrade from Cid. It also creates Killcast spells. Sells for 1,500 Gil.
Mythril Shaft 30 This item creates Quadcast spells. Sells for 900 Gil.
Dynamo 30 This item is used for the Bioblast upgrade from Cid. Sells for 900 Gil.
Rare Coin 30 This item creates Expericast spells. Sells for 1,000 Gil.
Beetle Shell 20 This item creates Quadcast spells. Sells for 800 Gil.
Shattered Timepiece 10 This item creates Dualcast spells. Sells for 500 Gil.
Broken Harmonica 10 This item creates Stopcast spells. Sell for 600 Gil.
Barbed Scythe 5 Sells for 240 Gil.
Cactuar Needle 5 This item is used in the Auto Crossbow upgrade from Cid. It also creates Freecast spells. Sells for 50 Gil.


Item Cost of
Zu Tender 70 Crispy Zu Skewers - HP +2000, Critical Rate +80
Roc of Ravatogh Rice - Strength +300, HP +1500
Griffon Breast 50 King's Stew - Strength +350, HP +1500
Kujata Arrow 50 Creates Tricast spells
King's Stew - Strength +350, HP +1500
Marrowshroom Chowder - 100% Critical Rate
Gold Tail Soup - 100% Critical Rate, HP Recovery Rate x2.5
Midgardsormr Shank 30 Seasoned Midgardsormr - +2% damage per level for level difference between attacker and higher-level target, Strength +350, HP +1000
Malmashroom 10 Creates Killcast spells
Creamy Milk Risotto - HP +600, HP Recovery Rate x1.75, Prevents Toad
Three-Mushroom Kebabs - Strength +150, HP +800, Prevents most status ailments
Marrowshroom Chowder - 100% Critical Rate
Fine Cleigne Wheat 10 Creates Healcast spells
Crispy Zu Skewers - HP +80, Critical Rate +20%
Elegant Orange Cake - Vitality +250, Spirit +400, HP +1000
Hearty Cutlet on Rice - Strength +250, HP +1500
Lasagna al Forno - HP +4000, EXP +100%, Blocks Fire/Ice/Lightning
Memory Lane Cake - Magic +500 / Strength 0
Moist Tomato Cake - Vitality +200, Spirit +300, HP +1000
Taelpar Harvest Galette - Magic +120, Spirit +400, HP +1000
Tomalley-Filled Dumplings - Strength +100, Magic +200, HP +300
Allural Shallot 8 Excellent Oven-Roasted Trout - Strength +350, HP +2000, Fire Resistance +50
Gold Tail Soup - 100% Critical Rate, HP Recovery Rate x2.5
Green Soup Curry - Strength +160, HP +800, Fire Resistance +70
Royal Banquet Canape - Strength/Magic +75, EXP +50%
Tenebraen Oak 7 Oak-Smoked Devil Gar - HP +2000, Immunity to Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage
Sea Bass Saute - HP +1500, Prevents Toad, Ice Resistance +50
Kettier Ginger 6 Creates Quadcast spells
Blazing Braised Gizzard - Magic +300, HP Recovery Rate x1.5
Carp of the Diem - Strength +100, HP +1500, Immune to Poison
Devilfin Soup - Strength +200, HP Recovery Rate x2.25
Fire-Sauce Fillet - Strength +200, Magic +200, HP +600
Grilled Mighty Barramundi - Immune to Fire, Ice, Lightning damage, and to most status ailments
Longwythe's Peak - Strength +600, HP +4000, HP Recovery Rate x3
Royal Banquet Canape - Strength/Magic +75, EXP +50%
Thick ‘n' Juicy Steak - Infinite Stamina, HP +1000
Duscaen Orange 5 Taelpar Harvest Galette - Magic +120, Spirit +400, HP +1000
Elegant Orange Cake - Vitality +250, Spirit +400, HP +1000

Additional Carnival Items and Prizes

  1. Choco-Mog Medallion (carnival currency)
    • Found on the ground throughout Altissia, and earned by completing various minigames, sidequests, and playing Justice Monsters Five
  2. Lodging Voucher (Grants access to the Leveille Suite and fireworks show; one-time use)
    • 50 medallions at middle Prize Counter attendant
  3. VIP Pass (Lifetime pass to the Leveille Suite and fireworks show)
    • 99 medallions at middle Prize Counter attendant (after purchasing the Lodging Voucher, then initiating the fireworks show from the Leville Hotel)
  4. Runaway Chocochick (These are Carnival sidequest items. There is no utile reason to not turn them in)
    • Found throughout Altissia (after accepting the quest from the Breeder near the fountain, downstairs from the Port West Gondola Station)
  1. Festive Ensemble Attire (+20% HP & MP)
    • Added to inventory upon entering the carnival for the first time, if you have the Holiday+ Pack
  2. Choco-Mog Tee Attire (Increases HP recovery rate)
    • Added to inventory upon entering the carnival for the first time
  3. Choco-Mog Regalia Decal
    • 30 medallions at left Prize Counter attendant
  4. Howling Gust Rod (Defense 110)
    • Catch a Scorpion Grouper with an A tag at the Gondola Marina
  5. Albireo Reel (Attack 245)
    • Catch a Pigeon Grouper with a B tag at San Elio Plaza
  6. Poppeck: Tinselred Chocobo Lure (Suited for Crimson Trevally)
    • Catch a Tide Grouper with a C tag at the Gondola Marina
  7. Mog Rank: Rubygold Moogle Lure (Suited for Redeye Bass)
    • Catch a Coral Allural Sea Bass with a D tag at San Elio Plaza or Furgola Canal
  8. Seaside Scamper Trophy
    • Finish the Seaside Scamper chocobo race course in under 00:50:00
  9. Water Trotter Trophy
    • Finish the Water Trotter chocobo race course in under 01:20:00
  10. Dream Egg
    • Added to inventory after purchasing the Lodging Voucher, then initiating the fireworks show from the Leville Hotel for the first time
  11. Kupoberry Cheesecake Recipeh (Decreases damage to fishing line by 25%)
    • Order the Kupoberry Cheesecake at the SQUARE ENIX Café
  12. Golden Chocobo Tart Recipeh (Decelerates chocobo stamina depletion by 25%)
    • Order the Golden Chocobo Tart at the SQUARE ENIX Café