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Steyliff Grove is a Dungeon


See also: Steyliff Grove Map

Steyliff Grove Map

Steyliff Grove (Lvl 86)

See also: Steyliff Grove (Menace)

Steyliff Grove (Menace) is a Level 86 Menace Dungeon locked behind the vault in Steyliff Grove.


A Menace Sleeps in Steyliff is a very different formula in comparison to many other of the dungeons that you’ve encountered so far; with the main reason being that there is around 100 separate floors for you to go through before you can consider it completed. You’ll want to be around level 86 and shouldn’t show up to the entrance of the dungeon, unless it’s sometime between 19:00 and 04:00 – otherwise the entrance will not be open or available to you. Now that that’s out of the way, feel free to make a start on this incredibly long dungeon, using the guide as a decent reference point as you run through it all!(Be prepared and bring a lot of Elixirs)

Between floor B1F and B3F, it’s pretty much a straight shot directly to the staircase, but from there things slowly start to ramp up more and more; thankfully, only in short, controlled bursts. Once you reach the staircase for B3F, you will be about to exit the regular version of this dungeon and making your start on the real secret dungeon for this quest. For the majority of this dungeon, you will come across foes that really don’t enjoy the touch of daggers against their skin, so it’s recommended that you bring a nice set of daggers along with you to make your life easy. A lot of the beginning of this dungeon doesn’t involve any exploration, since it’s a straight shot to where you need to go, but that will change temporarily after you come to the first campsite.

After you rest at this campsite there is going to be a Pyromancer, who is weak to greatswords, and two rooms after this foe, you’ve got your very first room that has multiple-exits for you to choose from. From the location of where you entered the room, take the pathway that goes straight ahead, as that is the one, true exit that you’ll need to take to leave this section of the dungeon.

For quite some time now, there is little more you need to do than just hold forward, slay any enemies that crop up along the way, and make your way to the second campsite; a place where our next milestone is – the reason for this is that you’re going to be up against a brand new variance of a green slime that is resistant to all weapons. Alas, he’s still an incredibly weak foe anyway, so he doesn’t take too long in the slightest to cut them down a peg or two. After this fight, there is another room with multiple-exits, but just like the last, all you’ve got to do is head straight forward from where you came in and you’re out again!

Shortly after this room, you will be introduced by 5-6 Tonberrys – creatures that do some serious damage to you if you’re not careful, but by making good use of Gladio’s Techniques are bound to knock their numbers down rather quickly; leading you onto the next campsite. A little bit later there will be a room with a few Ronin inside it and right after it is another campsite, which is probably for the best you make use of before you make any more progress.

Before too long you will be introduced to one more campsite and just after that is a beat that goes by the name of Kingatrice, which is basically a Cockatrice, but bigger. Even though it’s a little more on the “boss” side of things, it doesn’t take much effort to deal with and is weakest to both greatswords and machinery weapons.

Now you will come across the third room that makes use of multiple-exits, but doesn’t require you to go directly straight ahead this time around. Instead of heading forwards, take the exit towards the left and you will make it out of that one particular room and continue on with the quest. Just after is another campsite and the room just after that is filled with Dolces, an enemy type that can only be inflicted by damaged if you use some form of magic; as weapons won’t work.

As Noctis and his friends continue to press on, you’ll find more and more Tonberry’s and even a Master Tonberry. They are extremely similar to the regular versions, just a bit more damaging and imposing in comparison to them – but they don’t require any extra effort on your part, other than maybe play somewhat more defensively.

Keep on forcing your way through room after room and you will come against the one real miniboss of the dungeon: the Griffon. This guy takes some serious damage from polearms and daggers, as well as Ice spells, providing you’ve got any on hand. There isn’t much to say about this mini-boss, as he tends to demonstrate his attacks fairly well and can be punished quite easily as a result.

There isn’t much left in this dungeon, other than the boss that may look incredibly imposing, but is in actual fact quite similar to how the Griffons are, just with a lot more damage and health. Similar to the Griffons, it detests polearms and dagger, and even Ice spells that can quickly erase its health bar if used properly. What you’ll want to keep an eye out for most of the time is his electric-based attacks that take some time to charge, but result in the loss of some serious health, so it’s recommended that they are dodged to the best of your abilities. Before too long, the beast will finally be slain and you will be rewarded in kind with the Flayer polearm – a weapon that is a serious force to be reckoned with.

Moving on from there, it’s about time you head back to the entrance of the dungeon. Only option here is to use “transport to entrance” button and enjoy new goodies!

Treasures on Each Floor

Floor Left Straight Right
1 Rusted Bit
2 Iron Shavings
3 Chrome Bit
4 Oracle Ascension Coin
5 Mythril Shaft
6 Hi-Elixir*
7 Rare Coin
8 Megalixir
9 Potion
11 Rusted Bit
Potion Purified Salt Celestriad
13 Chrome Bit
14 Legatus Bangle
15 Debased Coin
16 Rare Coin
17 Hi-Potion
18 Megalixir
19 Mega-Potion
21 Iron Shavings
22 Mythril Shaft
23 Debased Silverpiece
24 Oracle Ascension Coin
25 Elixir
Debased Coin Hi-Elixir* Emperor's Anklet*
27 Ether
28 Rare Coin
29 Balmung
31 Rusted Bit
32 Oracle Ascension Coin
33 Iron Shavings
34 Megalixir
35 Chrome Bit
36 Oracle Ascension Coin
37 Debased Coin
38 Potion
39 Elixir
41 Rusted Bit
42 Megalixir
43 Chrome Bit
44 Debased Silverpiece
45 Mythril Shaft
46 Oracle Ascension Coin
47 Hi-Potion
48 Anklet of the Gods
49 Iron Shavings
51 Mythril Shaft
52 Hi-Elixir*
53 Debased Banknote
54 Oracle Ascension Coin
55 Mega-Potion
56 Platinum Ingot
57 Ether
58 Platinum Bangle*
59 Aegis Shield
61 Chrome Bit
Megalixir Potion Robe of the Lord
63 Mythril Shaft
64 Oracle Ascension Coin
65 Debased Silverpiece
66 Hi-Elixir*
67 Debased Silverpiece
68 Hi-Potion
69 Elixir
71 Rare Coin
72 Sky Gemstone
73 Debased Banknote
74 Megalixir
75 Potion
76 Oracle Ascension Coin
77 Mega-Potion
78 Hi-Potion
79 Elixir
81 Mega-Potion
82 Oracle Ascension Coin
83 Mega Phoenix
84 Hi-Elixir*
85 Ether
86 Sky Gemstone
87 Mega Phoenix
88 Purified Salt*
89 Mythril Ingot
91 Chrome Bit
92 Hi-Elixir*
93 Mythril Shaft
94 Centurion Bangle*
95 Rare Coin
96 Oracle Ascension Coin
97 Debased Banknote
98 Ether
99 Mega Phoenix

*Random Treasure

In regards to floors with branching paths the directions left, right, straight refer to when your back is to the entrance you entered from


See also: Steyliff Grove (Menace) Map

Steyliff grove endgame map1.jpg