The Myrlwood

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The Myrlwood is a Dungeon

Strategy Guide

Considering this is one dungeon that houses one of the thirteen Royal Arms, it’s quite surprising how short it is. With that news, however, it just means that you’ll be that much closer to finally gathering and acquiring all thirteen of them!

  • Rewards: 3,000 XP

Before you make it to the start of the dungeon you will be located in the Vesperpool and from there you’re going to want to head to the northwest of your map to locate the entrance to this short dungeon.

Make your way inside the dungeon and enjoy the linearity of it all. As of a result of this you’re going to want to go towards the southwest corner of the map to find a nearby pathway that will eventually split into two possible directions: one being a campsite and the other being the boss of the dungeon.

What you’ll find in the campsite is an area to fish, somewhere to rest, and a few items lying about, so it definitely doesn’t hurt to take a look at anything that twinkles in that specific area. It’s pretty much the only location in the dungeon that gives you any respite, so feel free to explore to your complete leisure. When you’re ready to move onto the boss, head out the way you came in and go in the one direction of the path that you have yet to explore; where you will soon come in contact with the boss for this dungeon.

The boss for this dungeon is known as the Treant, a living tree-like creature that has a weakness to greatswords, machinery, and quite possibly the most obvious: fire! As far as bosses go, the Treant really doesn’t put up much of a fight for anyone past level 30, so expect to dispatch the creature without any real trouble. In comparison to some of the other bosses in the game its sweeping attacks aren’t all that quick; making it relatively easy to block or dodge them whenever you see them coming in your general direction.

Just to the back of this area where you fought the boss you will notice a building that quite clearly doesn’t fit with the rest of the area; considering it’s not covered with leaves, ivy, and plenty of other forest-related plants. In actual-fact it’s the Royal Tomb you’ve been looking for and inside you will find the Star of the Rogue – which you can now add to your collection of Royal Arms.


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