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See also: Magic (Ascension)
Bonuspell333Recieve an extra spell when craftingMagic (Ascension) ActionNoctis
Bonuspell II999Receive two extra spells when craftingBonuspellNoctis
Elemagnetism48Enhance energy absorbtion rate of elemental-absorbing weaponsElementalityNoctis
Elementalism24Absorb more energy from elemental depositsNoctis
Elementality72Absorb even more energy from elemental depositsElementalismNoctis
Enhanced Elementality99Absorb much more energy from elemental depositsElementalityNoctis
Extra Powercraft99Enhance potency by 30 when crafting spellsPowercraftNoctis
Magic Action24Gain AP for using elemencyPowercraftNoctis
Magic Level48Enhance the magic of each party member by the number of levels gained. The effect of similar abilities do not stackElementalismNoctis
Magic Level II99Enhance the magic of each party member by the number of levels gained. The effect of similar abilities do not stackMagic (Ascension) LevelNoctis
Powercraft20Enhance potency by 10 when crafting spellsNoctis
Super Powercraft555Enhance potency by 50 when crafting spellsExtra PowercraftNoctis
Ultimate Powercraft999Enhance potency by 100 when crafting spellsSuper PowercraftNoctis


See also: Recovery
Advanced First Aid99Recover a little HP with a fancy first aid kit when HP is lowFirst AidGladiolus
Comeback99Further restore an ally's HP after taking them out of dangerSavior's ForceNoctis
Distance Runner99Further enhance staminaSprinterNoctis
Expert First Aid333Recover HP with a fully-stocked first aid kit when HP is lowAdvanced First AidGladiolus
First Aid24Recover a bit of HP with a first aid kit when HP is lowRapid RegenGladiolus
Hang In12Increase HP recover rate while hanging after point-warpNoctis
Rapid Regen10Raise HP and MP recover rate while in coverNoctis
Savior's Force48Boost an ally's attack after taking them out of dangerSavior's FortitudeNoctis
Savior's Fortitude20Boost an ally's defense after taking them out of dangerNoctis
Savior's Vengeance??Boost an ally's critical hit rate after taking them out of danger.Savior's FortitudeNoctis
Sprinter24Boost staminaHang InNoctis


See also: Techniques
Cyclone18Deal damage to nearby enemies with a fearsome shield shockwave. Depletes the tech bar by twoDawnhammerGladiolus
Dawnhammer8Deal heavy damage to a single enemy with a powerful greatsword slash. Depletes the tech bar by twoGladiolus
Enhancement18Imbue Noctis's weapon with the element his target is weakest to. Depletes the tech bar by oneRegroupIgnis
Gravisphere18Draw enemies in an area closer together with machinery by creating a gravitational field. Depletes the tech bar by twoStar ShellPrompto
Impulse72Ambush enemies with a frontal sweeping greatsword area attack. Depletes the tech bar by threeRoyal GuardGladiolus
Limit Break (Ascension)999Break limit on damage from Ingis's techniquesSagefireIgnis
Overwhelm18Concentrate ally attacks on a foe with devestating Deathblow strikes. Depletes the tech bar by twoRegroupIgnis
Quick Tech333Accelerate tech bar replenishment rateTech DamageNoctis
Recoil18Deal heavy damage with machinery by overloading its energy output. Depletes the tech bar by twoStar ShellPrompto
Regroup8Bring all allies together in stalward defense. Rescues from danger and restores HP quickly.Ignis
Royal Guard18Move quickly to guard Noctis with a shield. Depletes the tech bar by oneDawnhammerGladiolus
Sagefire72Unleash a devastating fire attack with daggers. Depletes the tech bar by threeEnhancementIgnis
Tech Damage99Add to the tech bar when Noctis suffers damageTech StrikeNoctis
Tech Strike48Add to tech bar when Noctis lands attacksNoctis
Trigger Happy72Unleash a barrage at multiple enemies with a pair of firearms. Depletes the tech bar by threeGravispherePrompto


See also: Combat
Airdance333Airstep after midair attacks an unlimited number of timesAirstrideNoctis
Airstep6Use left stick and O to take a step in midair after attacking (costs MP). one time onlyNoctis
Airstride52Perform a second Airstep after a second midair attackAirslipNoctis
Blink16Phase though an enemy's attack without using MP by pressing square at the last second.Noctis
Blink Boost32Recover a bit of MP by blinking through attacks at the last secondBlinkNoctis
Chained Fury10Boost damage dealt when unscathed during chain attacksNoctis
Daemon Destroyer24Warp-strike to break daemon appendagesWarp FactorNoctis
Death Drop28From afar press O in midair to warp into range and strike down from aboveAirstepNoctis
Experimagic99Increase Noctis's MP by the number of levels he has gained. The effects of similiar abilities no not stackLight PhaseNoctis
Impervious333Negate damage by pressing square immediately after being hitBlink BoostNoctis
Light Phase8Reduce MP cost of phasingNoctis
Osmostrike52Recover MP when an arial attack connectsDeath DropNoctis
Point-Blank Warp-Strike333Deliver a critical hit when warp-striking at close rangeWarp Factor IINoctis
Stalker28Boost blindside damageChained FuryNoctis
Static Edge34Significantly increase damage dealt after entering stasisWarp DecoyNoctis
Super Stalker64Further boost blindside damageStalkerNoctis
Ultralight Phase32Further reduce the MP cost of phasingLight PhaseNoctis
Warp Decoy99Leave a hologram to divert enemies after warpingBlinkNoctis
Warp Factor24Boosts warp-strike damageChained FuryNoctis
Warp Factor II52Further boost warp-strike damageWarp FactorNoctis


See also: Teamwork
Acute Antagonism99Boost Antagonize damageAntagonizeGladiolus
Analyze6Automatically scan most enemies weaknesses at the onset of battleIgnis
Antagonize24Make an enemy flinch with a paralyzing kick while Noctis is defendingReflexGladiolus
Ballistic64Swiftly unleash damage on an area with a firearm. Makes enemies flinchScintillaPrompto
Critical Link333Always deliver a critical hit when link-strikingSuper Link UpNoctis
Deathblow16Deliver an devastating blow to a vulnarable enemyLink UpAll except Noctis
Engage18Gain first strike by delivering a powerful greatsword slashReflexGladiolus
First Shot6Gain first strike against a nearby enemy with a firearm. Adds to tech barPrompto
Intercept64Protect Noctis from enemy attacks with a shieldEngageGladiolus
Lancet18Deliver a counterattack and drain an enemy's HP with a polearmAnalyzeIgnis
Limitless Link999Break limit on link strike damageCritical LinkNoctis
Link Up8Boost link strike damageNoctis
Reflex6Deliver a powerful counterattack with a greatsword. Makes enemies flinchGladiolus
Regenerate99Heal an ally with a hidden recovery itemLancetIgnis
Scintilla18Deliver a counterattack and stun enemies with a firearmFirst ShotPrompto
Sharp Shock99Boost Shock Drop DamageShock DropPrompto
Shock Drop24Electocute an enemy with machinery when Noctis attack it in midairFirst ShotPrompto
Super Link Up32Further boost link strike damageLink UpNoctis
Ultimate Deathblow99Deliver an utterly devastating blow to a vulnarable enemyDeathblowAll except Noctis
Venom Fang24Poison an enemy with daggers when Noctis chain attacks itAnalyzeIgnis
Virulent Venom64Boost Venom Fang damageVenom FangIgnis


See also: Stats (Ascension)
Accessory Slot16Equip two accessoriesNoctis
Health Level10Increase HP of each party member by 2x the number of levels gained. The effects of similar abilities do not stack
Health Level II99Increase HP of each party member by 5x the number of levels gained. The effects of similar abilities do not stackHealth Level
Health Level III333Increase HP of each party member by 10x number of levels gained. The effects of similar abilities do not stackHealth Level II
Spirit Level99Increase spirit of each party member by the number of levels gained. The effects of similar abilities do not stackHealth Level
Vitality Level99Increase vitality of each party member by the number of levels gained. The effects of similar abilities do not stackHealth Level


See also: Exploration
Aftertaste18Extend the status boost time from meals eaten at camp
Angler Action18Gain AP for catching a fish
Aperture333Chance of gaining AP through SnapshotSnapshot
Appetize20Gain AP for cooking someone's favorite foodAftertaste
Chocobump32Gain AP for long trips by chocobo
Chocojockey32Gain AP for winning chocobo races
Chocoracer99Gain experience for winning chocobo racesChocojockey
Expert Item Angler555Triple the items gained from fishingItem Angler
Fitter Survival99Occasionally double the items from Gladio's survival skillHappier Camping
Fittest Survival999Receive double the items from Gladio's survival skillFitter Survival
Happier Camping48Further increase AP gained for making campHappy Camping
Happy Camping20Increase AP gained for making camp
Item Angler84Double the items gained from fishingAngler Action
Lingering Aftertaste99Further enhance status boost time from meals eaten at campAftertaste
Persistent Aftertaste333Greatly enhance status boost time from meals eaten at campLingering Aftertaste
Reel Experience333Gain experiences for catching fishAngler Action
Roadlife99Gain experience for long trips in the carRoadrunning
Roadrunning32Gain AP for long trips in the car
Snapshot12Take photos in battle. Up to five can be saved. Depletes the tech bar by one
Sportfishing99Gain more AP for reeling in a big catchItem Angler


See also: Armiger
Armiger (Ability)0Conjure the royal arms
Temporarily boosts attributes.
Armiger Action48Gain AP for conjuring the Armiger.
Armiger Chain0Launch a full scale attack with allies. Amplifies armiger bar.
Armiger Freechain72Gain unlimited MP temporarily after executing Armiger Chain.
Armiger Warchain24Boost damage inflected by Armiger Chain.