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Airdance333Airstep after midair attacks an unlimited number of timesAirstrideNoctis
Airstep6Use left stick and O to take a step in midair after attacking (costs MP). one time onlyNoctis
Airstride52Perform a second Airstep after a second midair attackAirslipNoctis
Blink16Phase though an enemy's attack without using MP by pressing square at the last second.Noctis
Blink Boost32Recover a bit of MP by blinking through attacks at the last secondBlinkNoctis
Chained Fury10Boost damage dealt when unscathed during chain attacksNoctis
Daemon Destroyer24Warp-strike to break daemon appendagesWarp FactorNoctis
Death Drop28From afar press O in midair to warp into range and strike down from aboveAirstepNoctis
Experimagic99Increase Noctis's MP by the number of levels he has gained. The effects of similiar abilities no not stackLight PhaseNoctis
Impervious333Negate damage by pressing square immediately after being hitBlink BoostNoctis
Light Phase8Reduce MP cost of phasingNoctis
Osmostrike52Recover MP when an arial attack connectsDeath DropNoctis
Point-Blank Warp-Strike333Deliver a critical hit when warp-striking at close rangeWarp Factor IINoctis
Stalker28Boost blindside damageChained FuryNoctis
Static Edge34Significantly increase damage dealt after entering stasisWarp DecoyNoctis
Super Stalker64Further boost blindside damageStalkerNoctis
Ultralight Phase32Further reduce the MP cost of phasingLight PhaseNoctis
Warp Decoy99Leave a hologram to divert enemies after warpingBlinkNoctis
Warp Factor24Boosts warp-strike damageChained FuryNoctis
Warp Factor II52Further boost warp-strike damageWarp FactorNoctis