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Auto PartEffectSourceAcquired byBuy
Aero WaxImproves fuel efficiencySidequestsThe Ever Regal Regalia (Cindy)
Airflow CompensatorFurther improves fuel efficiencyShopsCoernix Station - Lestallum6,000
Auxiliary TankIncreases fuel capac ityShopsCoernix Station - Lestallum6,000
Enhanced HeadlightsDrive off Daemons at nightSidequestsThe Ever Illustrious Regalia (Cindy)
Fiberglass CoatingProtects the vehicle from dust
And scratches
SidequestsThe Ever Gleaming Regalia (Cindy)
Magitek GeneratorEradicates the need for fuelMini-gameTotomostro
Reinforced Fiberglass CoatingFurther protects the vehicle from dust
Chips. and scratches
ShopsVerinas Mart - Ravatogh8,000
SuperchargerIncreases top speed to 60 mphSidequestsThe Ever Valorous Regalia (Cindy)
Superhydrophobic CoatingCompletely protects the vehicle from dust. chips
And scratches
ShopsJM Market - Altissia20,000
TurbochargerIncreases top speed to 70 mphMini-gameTotomostro

Decals and Stickers

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Auto PartSourceAcquired byBuy
16-Bit BuddiesDLCsPre-order bonus
2-ToneShopsJM Market - Longwythe300
A Little Friend StickerShopsJM Market - Altissia2 ,000
AbstractificationShopsJM Market - Old Lestallum6,000
Armory on WheelsShopsLv1eldacio Hunter HO - Parvinath General Store6,000
Beaux ArtsShopsHammerhead - Mini- mart1,000
Big BangMini-gameTotomos t ro
Bullet Hole StickerShopsJM Market - Old Lestallum1,000
Cactuar StickerShopsWiz Chocobo Post - Post Kiosk1,500
Carbon WeaveShopsVerinas Mart - Ravatogh500
CarbuncleShopsJM Market - Altissia10,000
Caution: Wild Beasts StickerShopsMeldacio Hunter HO - Parvinath General Store1,000
Cavalier StickerShopsLestallum - Mini-mart150
Check PatternShopsVerinas Mart - Ravatogh500
Chocobo StickerShopsWiz Chocobo Post - Post Kiosk1,500
CindymobileDLCsPre-order bonus
Coernix Oil StickerCollectibleLestallum
CrownsguardCollectibleCape Caem
Ebony StickerCollectibleLestallum
EosShopsLestallum - Moatte's Odds 'n' Ends8,000
Fan ServiceShopsJM Market - Altissia10,000
Flames IShopsLestallum - Moatte's Odds 'n' Ends500
Flames IIShopsLestallum - Moatte's Odds 'n' Ends500
Flames IIIShopsLesta llum - Moatte's Odds 'n' Ends500
Gladio StickerCaem FarmTrade in 3 Caem Carrots
Gold ChocoboDLCsPre-order bonus
GuardiansShopsJM Market - Altissia8,000
Hammerhead (Auto Part)SidequestsThe Ever Elegant Regalia (Cindy)
Hammerhead StickerShopsHammerhead - Mini-mart150
Justice Monsters Five (Item)Mini-gameJustice Monsters Five (app version)
Lgnis StickerCaem FarmTrade in 3 Caem Carrots
Lucian King's CrestCollectibleCape Caem
Luna StickerShopsJM Market - Altissia3,000
Moogle StickerShopsWiz Chocobo Post - Post Kiosk1,500
Noctis StickerCaem FarmTrade in 3 Caem Carrots
Platinum LeviathanDLCsPre-order bonus
Pop ArtShopsWiz Chocobo Post - Post Kiosk3,000
Prompto StickerCaem FarmTrade in 3 Caem Carrots
Racing Stripes ISidequestsThe Ever Elegant Regalia (Cindy)
Racing Stripes IIShopsCoernix Stat ion - Alstor500
Racing Stripes IIIShopsCoernix Station - Alstor500
Racing Stripes IVShopsGaldin Quay - Aldare's500
Racing Stripes VShopsGaldin Guay - Aldare's500
Regalia CrestCollectibleCape Caem
Royal Stripes IShopsBurbost Souvenir Emporium500
Royal Stripes IIShopsBurbost Souvenir Emporium500
The BeastShopsGaldin Guay - Aldare's2,000
Umbra StickerCaem FarmTrade in 3 Caem Carrots

Paint Pigments

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Auto PartSourceAcquired by
Blackstone CrystalCollectibleCleigne
Blackstone DreCollectibleDuscae
Blackstone ShardCollectibleLeide
Bluestone CrystalCollectibleCleigne
Bluestone OreCollectibleDuscae
Bluestone ShardCollectibleLeide
Gold DustCollectibleLeide
Gold OreCollectibleCleigne
Gold ShardCollectibleDuscae
Greenstone CrystalCollectibleCleigne
Greenstone OreCollectibleDuscae
Greenstone ShardCollectibleLeide
Prismatic DustCollectibleLeide
Prismatic OreCollectibleCleigne
Prismatic ShardCollectibleDuscae
Redstone CrystalCollectibleCleigne
Redstone OreCollectibleDuscae
Redstone ShardCollectibleLeide
Silver DustCollectibleLeide
Silver OreCollectibleCleigne
Silver ShardCollectibleDuscae
Whitestone CrystalCollectibleCleigne
Whitestone DreCollectibleDuscae
Whitestone ShardCollectibleLeide
Yellow stone CrystalCollectibleCleigne
Yellow stone ShardCollectibleLeide
Yellowstone OreCollectibleDuscae

Body Colors

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Coming Soon!

Color Sample Books

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Auto PartSourceAcquired byBuy
Advanced Color SamplesShopsHammerhead - Mini-mart3,000
Basic Color SamplesSidequestsThe Ever Elegant Regalia (Cindy)
Expert Color SamplesShopsCoernix Station - Lestallum10,000
Mythic Color SamplesMini-gameTotomostro


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Auto PartSourceAcquired byBuy
Lucian Cruisin' CollectionDefault
Memories of DISSIDIA FFShopsJM Market - Old Lestallum500
Memories of Dissidia 012 FFShopsJM Market - Old Lesta llum500
Memories of FFDefault
Memories of FF TYPE-0ShopsJM Market - Altissia1,000
Memories of FFIIShopsJM Market - Longwythe100
Memories of FFIIIShopsCoernix Station - Alstor100
Memories of FFIVShopsHammerhead - Mini-mart100
Memories of FFIX (Disc 1) - OSTShopsCoernix Station - Cauthess100
Memories of FFIX (Disc 2) - OST PlusShopsCoernix Station - Cauthess100
Memories of FFVShopsGaldin Quay - Alda re's100
Memories of FFVIShopsJM Market - Taelpar100
Memories of FFVIIDefault
Memories of FFVIIIShopsHammerhead - Mini-mart100
Memories of FFXI (Disc 1) - OSTShopsBurbost Souvenir Emporium100
Memories of FFXI (Disc 2) - Rise of the Zilart OSTShopsBurbost Souvenir Emporium100
Memories of FFXI (Disc 3) - Chains of Promathia OSTShopsBurbost Souvenir Emporium100
Memories of FFXI (Disc 4) - OST PlusShopsBurbost Souvenir Emporium100
Memories of FFXI (Disc 5) - Wings of the Goddess OSTShopsBurbost Souvenir Emporium100
Memories of FFXIIShopsVerinas Mart - Ravatogh100
Memories of FFXIIIDefault
Memories of FFXIV (Disc 1) - OST Original SoundtrackShopsCoernix Station - Lestallum100
Memories of FFXIV (Disc 2) - A Realm Reborn OSTShopsCoernix Station - Lestallum100
Memories of KINGSGLAIVEDefault
Song of the Ancient/Fate?????
Weight of the Word?????