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Totomostro also known as Monster Arena.



Level indicates general strength, but it varies a lot depending on the monster archetype, so you will have to get a feeling for how different enemies behave and how they feel. If the level of one team is 15 levels above the other, the lower level team will most likely struggle. As I said, you will get a feel for this as you play.


Condition is important! This influences damage done/damage received. The difference between minimum and maximum condition could be as much as 2 tier brackets in some cases. So, if you notice someone in the S-tier with low condition, it might be better to go for a lower tier team with high condition.


In 1v1 fights, teams with more members will surround and overpower most single teams. However, in big fights, teams with more members will be more prone to spreading out and that's where they lose. So, it's a lot depending on the situation. More team members means less chance of all of them doing something stupid though.


Usually, lower odds is the games way of telling you who it expects to win. Use the tier list below to see who's more likely to win in my opinion. However, if you've got a lot of medals and if you're in a matchup where you see one team with high odds, go for it and take a chance, it's gambling after all. I've had a 10 odds The Stingers team beat some big monsters 1v1, "easy" ~100k medals.


In the beginning I bought 100 medals and started betting 50% on fights. So 50 the first time, and if I ended up with 500 I'd bet 250 the next one. That should net you some medals quickly. Once you get high enough you'll be betting 9999 (or just 9000 if you're lazy like me) on every bet anyway.


You can buy new horns just outside of the arena before you hop on the gondola. I've actually only tried and used the starting healing horn. So I can't say much here apart from that you can do perfectly well without buying extra horns. Worth noting is that horns can be the difference between losing 9k or winning 80k, so use them! /u/Shoulon, however, pointed out that a great strategy is to buy the defense horn and use that if you have a team of 3 or more. I think this sounds like a great thing to do.


There are multiple leagues and they seem to determine the monsters that you usually face. Initially I thought you had to exit and come back to switch leagues but this does not seem to be the case. The four leagues I've seen so far are Leide League, Duscae Deathmatch, Cleigne Crossroads and All-Star Monster Mayhem. I'm unsure if they play any major role as of now.


S Tier

Usually a safe bet.

Team Name Enemy Type Quantity Keywords Description
Spiny Speedsters Cactuar 1 Evasive, Mellow, Squishy, Fast Its needle attack usually one shots most things, and he doesn't get hit unless you're having bad luck, might lose 1v1.
Blaster Bro Coeurl 1 Evasive, Mellow, Squishy, Fast Has a thunderbolt and a whirlwind attack that's amazing. If low condition, might lose 1v1.
Lumbering Loggers Treant 1 - Area knockback and single target stone throw.
Hearts of Iron Red Giant 1 Area It smashes most things. But it's fairly squishy. It rarely shows up though.
Tidal Divers Karlabos 1 - Great area abilities and line water ability.
Ravatogh Runners Wyvern 2 Evasive, Area They are the only team capable of flying around. They are unpredictable though. If they shine, they kill most things.
Crime and Punishment Master Tonberry 1 Fast, Mellow, Area Very jumpy with the lightsaber, many area attacks.
Foppish Hoppers Gigantoad 1 Mellow Long tongue ability that pierces monster groups.

A Tier

Likely Winners.

Team Name Enemy Type Quantity Keywords Description
Obelisks Reaperking 1 - Stays back in the start and does a burrow attack. Combines high defense with insane damage if condition is right. This guy got me my first 100k!
Breakaway Bicorns Spiracorn 2 Evasive, Squishy High damage charge attack.
Tusk 'til Dawn Flexitusk 2 Evasive, Fast Overall solid, jumps around and pokes others efficiently.
Fishermen Eaters Seadevil 2 Mellow Occasionally fires off a devastating piercing water beam from a distance.
Voracious Villains Voretooth 4 Evasive, Squishy Shines in 1v1 and some 1v2.
Empty Heart Iron Giant 1 Area It doesn't smash as much as its red brother. And it's still squishy. It rarely shows up as well.
Vesper Guardians Mushussu 3 Squishy, Area They are sneaky, in fights with mainly squishies, these guys bring the well needed area damage needed to win with their tailspins.
Saber Tuskforce Sabertusk 5 Evasive, Squishy Shines in 1v1 and some 1v2.

B Tier

Can win under certain circumstances.

Team Name Enemy Type Quantity Keywords Description
Faraway Magnanirs Magnanir 1 Fast
Runaway Mesmenirs Mesmenir 4 Squishy
Crazy Horns Dualhorn 1 Area
Dandy Roosters Cockatrice 1 Fast
Gjallarhorn Ashenhorn 1 Area
Horrendous Horns Dualhorn 2 Area
Fangs of Havoc Havocfang 4 Squishy
Fish Eaters Sahagin 3 -
Grudge Bearers Tonberry 3 Mellow Weak in big fights, can gang up in 1v1 fights.
Leide Antlers Anak Stag 1 Clumsy Only pick if high condition
Dandy Roosters Cockatrice 1 -
Killer for Hire Ronin 1 Mellow, Squishy In 1v1, he has a chance to do an instakill attack. If he doesn't he's gonna lose.
Galviano Gore Club Sparkshears 1 -
The Stingers Reapertail 5 Squishy Mainly a pick for big fights if odds are high.
Stunning Hens Basilisk 1 -

C Tier

Rarely Wins.

Team Name Enemy Type Quantity Keywords
Elegant Elephant Garulessa 1 Slow
Gray Heels Arba 2 Clumsy
Brass Necks Arok 2 Clumsy
Spiky Shields Bulette 3 -
Midnight Walkers Goblin 5 Squishy
Alstor Long Noses Garula 3 Clumsy, Slow

Key Words

Word Good/Bad Description
Evasive Good Usually hops around a lot in order to avoid getting hit.
Mellow Good Keeps out of fights most of the time so the other monsters can poke away at each other before engaging.
Fast Good Very fast to react to new things happening around it.
Area Good Sometimes enters a state of furious area of effect attack. Obliterates tiny monsters.
Clumsy Bad Usually falls over into a vulnerable state if attacked by more than one monster.
Squishy Bad Will most likely get killed in one hit if caught.
Slow Bad Very slow to react to new things happening around it.

Tips and Tricks

  • Cactuar always wins, no matter who it is against. Same with Gigantoad. Coeurl wins around like 99% of time.
  • The Defense Horn is worth buying to use instead of the Health Horn if your monsters are in good health.
  • Bet 10 percent of your current tokens in order to play it safe but still get a good return.
  • Conditions of monsters are not important.
  • Often the "quantity over quality" rule mentioned is good BUT some of the big monster groups are just crap no matter what. After a few rounds with them you will learn which those are.
  • Don't be put off by losing. Losing helps you figure out which monster teams are the best. Look at your losses and figure out who you should have picked instead and why.
  • Often it's because the monsters you picked had too low health and got one shot, or too low attack so simply got out DPSd.
  • If you notice any monsters that seem to just sit off the the side during group fights, waiting for the others to pick each other off (gigantoad and coeurl often do this) then they're probably a good pick.


Reward Medals Cost Description Replaced By
Magitek Generator 3,600,000 Auto Part - Removes fuel need. -
Diamond Bracelet 1,250,000 Accessory: +80 Strength -
Big Bang 450,000 Car Stickers -
Mythic Color Samples 360,000 Car Colors -
Arapaima Roe 240,000 Ingredient: x30 expericast catalyst and used for +%EXP food. -
Enforcer 180,000 Weapon (Buy at Hunter HQ for 10k gil instead) Repeatable
Precision Lance 120,000 Weapon Repeatable
Llymlaen 85,000 Fishing Reel Platinum Bangle
Big Master Typhon 45,000 Fishing Lure Repeatable
Silver Bangle 34,000 Accessory: +300 HP -
Turbocharger 15,000 Auto Part - Top speed to 70mph. Behemoth Tenderloin
Coeurl Whiskers 7,500 Treasure -
Great Garula Tusk 2,500 Treasure -