Late Game and Post Game (Menace) Tips and Tricks

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I. How to fight Tonberry and Master Tonberry without dying (PS4)

  1. Equip a chunky weapon of your choice (ie: greatsword)
  2. Hold the square button - keep it down indefinitely
  3. When struck by a Tonberry, you will be prompted to press circle to parry the attack. Do so, quickly.
  4. Goto Step 2; repeat until all enemies are dead.
    • You can use Black Hood to fill any gaps and ensure dodging.

II. What is reducing my Max HP?!

  • When a demon-type mob hits you, they can reduce your Max HP
  • When you reach 0 hp, your Max HP will slowly drain

III. How to heal your Max HP

IV. Menace Under [XYZ] quest dungeons - some are MUCH HARDER than others!

  • most dungeons are reasonable at or near dungeon level.
  • Daurell is filled with some physical-immune mobs; magic only. Be prepared!
  • Steyliff is a 100-floor dungeon [!!!] with campfires every 10 levels. some physical immune mobs deep in dungeon. This is not normal; most of these dungeons only have 20-30 floors at most.
  • Costlemark has a NO ITEMS restriction; cannot use Phoenix Downs/Elixir/etc. Have mercy.

V. Moogle Charms stack.

  • Get x3 accessory slots and put x3 Moogle Charms on Noctis
  • Use +XP gain foods like Mother & Child.
  • Use rare coins to refine magic and cast those spells to one-shot low level enemies - EXP multiplier Level 99"
  • Rest at Altissia (x3 xp) or Guldan Quay (x2 xp) for maximum bonuses

VI. Adamantoise is an exercise in persistence, not difficulty

  • nothing to be scared of, save for a test of time.
  • collecting end game equipment shortens the fight time considerably and is recommended.
  • Golden Tail Soup + Zwill Crossblades will cut the time down to ~10-15mins

VII. Legendary Boss: Naglfar (Zwill Crossblades)

  • level 120 boss [recommended Lvl.99]
  • one*shots everyone, all the time
  • is an exercise in draining Phoenix Downs / Elixirs / Potions / just out grind him
  • using Team abilities helps immunize yourself against his one-shotting attacks
  • hit from behind, whenever possible - more immunization against attacks during team/back attack animations
  • Remember to Amiger and Summon when available to shorten the fight
  • horrible, overtuned fight - you'll spend almost as much time waiting on Item animations as you will fighting him.
  • You can disable the items animation in the options. However, BEWARE because this effects gameplay by denying you the recharge-time to your technique bar during these long 3-5sec animations. *Less technique bar means less invulnerable attack animations during boss attacks. Choose wisely.
  • 7x Flare + random stabs will kill him in ~6mins. Let the others die, you won't need the exp by that point.

VIII. Equipping Amiger to weapon slots will add their stat bonuses whether you're using them or not

  • Equip your best weapon in the top-slot [ie: Ultima Blade, Balmung, etc...]
  • Equip Amiger weapons in the other 3 weapon slots FOR STATS ONLY; no point in using them.
  • Sword of The Tall, Axe of The Champion, etc... huge, huge bonuses.
  • All weapons add their stat bonuses (except attack) and resistances no matter what weapon you are using. The stat boosts for normal weapons is typically much smaller than the Amiger weapons but still could be useful."

IX. Some Amiger weapons reduce your resistances dramatically.

X. Riding your chocobo will level it up (eventually)

  • Steps taken on a chocbo count towards leveling up.
  • Higher chocoobo levels will results in better stats and performance for the chocobo.
  • Gladiolus's SURVIVAL ability levels similarly, but only from walking/running on foot.

XI. Chocobo races are for cosmetic rewards only; no stats or abilities will be improved

  • You get medals for winning the chocobo races.
  • You get new colors (to selected from) for winnning chocobo races.
  • These rewards are cosmetic only and can be completely ignored. No gameplay impact.

XII. You can heal your HP at campsites by using Train, without resetting current food buffs!

  • When using a campsite, choosing Train will refill your HP but won't sleep until morning - which means your food buff does not expire. Great for Menace dungeon campsites where you want to keep your foodbuff but still refill your HP.

XIII. How to deal with Physical Immune mobs without Elemency spells (in Menace Dungeons)

They're rare, but there exists a handful of Physical Immune mobs in a few of the Menace Dungeons [Steyliff, Duarell, etc]. If you're out of Elemency (or running really low), you can work around it by:

  • equip Libra Elementia for Ignis [1 bar technique, casts magic spell on target]
  • equip Gravisphere for Prompto [2 bar technique, pulls mobs together; does light magic damage]
  • equip Noctis with the Ring of Lucis. Hold square when attacked and the ring will counter with a magic-burst.
  • for the most part, Libra Elementia is your free pass. Combine the other two options at your discretion, and enjoy!

More Tips:

  • In danger you can use a Hi potion to get out of it. Using it quickly enough basically avoids max HP loss.
  • Finesse score is increased through Link Strikes and Blindside. If you want the +4 AP from Tacticians Fanfare, then equip Friendship Bands on everyone and use Sword/Polearm.
  • If all else fails, Star of the Rogue and Trident of the Oracle warp strikes basically allow you to beat all content outside of Costlemark Menace due to their invincible animations. Basically warp, warp, warp, hi potion, repeat.
  • The really expensive Totomostro items aren't really worth it unless you want to finish the car customization. The the spear and the gun are pretty good though if you haven't gone into the menace dungeons yet. The turbocharger is worth it if you don't use fast travel as it cuts down travel time pretty significantly.
  • Zu Beaks are bar none the easiest Limit Break magic item IMO, rest at the haven on the rock, leave your car at Veritas and just travel between the two killing the Zu. It takes about 5 minutes round trip on 1.04.
  • The Secret 1 color for the car can be unlocked without the mythic samples from Totomostro. If you buy all but 1 of the basic/advanced/expert sample colors it will unlock. This lets you get the cheaper ore/shards from the carnival if you're just interested in secret 1.
  • Rerunning the Chocobo chick mission at the carnival is probably the best way to grind crystals that I know of. From some calculations you need roughly 30-40 of each crystal to complete the mythic samples meaning you need about 600 or so medallions.
  • Limitless Link is probably the most bang for your buck damage upgrade to reach 9999 and beyond. It costs 999 AP, but lets you routinely get beyond 9999 with friendship bands and Blindside. Just roll around and Blindside mobs. Most will die immediately and you get an AP point for it.
  • Costlemark Menace is not that bad.Adequate preparation is much less than you think and wound up for me as:
  • Flare 10 casts at 999 potency if you don't like fighting Mindflayers
  • Herding mobs so your magic can hit them all at once is possible with the Gravity Well or Gravisphere. Just use the gravity skill to herd and then throw the spell when all mobs are in one place. Gravisphere works on everyone, Gravity Well stopped working on invincible flans in 1.04.
  • Leveling Fishing while fishing an endgame ingredient. You'll going to be cooking Golden Tail Soup (level 10 Ignis recipe with guaranteed crits) - An essential ingredient is the Platinum Myrltrout found in the Fishing Spots in Myrlwood. Fishing 10-15 fish will easily help you gain a full fishing level or two with Noct. The lure for it is the 300 gil Carbuncle Lure that you can buy at the shop within the Regalia menu. The Myrltrout is a yellow dot within a yellow circle on the fishing radar. There's usually only one of them each time, just exit from fishing after you've fished one and then enter the fishing spot again and the trout should have respawned.