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Square Enix have been slowly improving Final Fantasy 15 more and more with every passing update that they make. This new update has little to no actual connection in terms of the game’s story, but allows for some interesting new scenario’s that you won’t be able to come across ever again. After all, the entire reason they are called Timed Quests is because they are timed and will only be accessible for a set amount of real-world time before it goes away. With that in mind, it’s recommended that you get and do each Time Quest as soon as possible, just so that you don’t miss out on a fun little extra to the game that otherwise you might not get the chance to play.

Quest-Point-System (QPS)

The Basics

The new system is in place to spark up the competition within the community, and to make timed quests more attractive and replayable for hardcore fans of the game. This is achieved by giving us a new currency: Quest-Points or QP in short. These QP can be exchanged for (limited) gear, aswell as consumables (such as Phoenix Downs) and other valuable resources (Gil / XP / AP and OA-Coins).

How to earn QP

QP are earned in two ways. One being to simply complete the timed quest for the first time. This will, however, not yield enough QP to get all the rewards available to us. Which leads us to the other way: Placements in an Hourly/Daily/Weekly Leaderboard mentioned above.

As of now, there is only one timed quest available, and therefore we cannot say for sure whether the amount of QP you get for getting a certain rank will change or not. The same applies for the one-time completion Bonus.

On top of all that, QP are divided into two sections, one being a quest-specific pool with an expiration date, and the other one being an indefinite pool which will most likely carry over to the next timed quest.

The first QP you get are split 50/50 into both pools, giving 50 QP each.

The ranking rewards are as follows:


Ranking Specific QP Free QP
Top 100 40 1
Top 500 30 1
Top 1000 20 1
Top 2500 10 1
Top 5000 5 1


Ranking Specific QP Free QP
Top 100 200 15
Top 1000 100 10
Top 2500 50 5
Top 5000 25 1
Top 10000 10 1


Ranking Specific QP Free QP
Top 100 1500 150
Top 1000 1000 100
Top 2500 500 50
Top 5000 250 25
Top 10000 100 20



As of now, it seems like Rewards are given out 3-4 hours after handing in. This is most likely due to the fact that you can hand them in till one hour after the bracket finished, plus also taking processing time on their end

The rewards are, again, separated into their own category, and at this moment it is unknown whether the Afrosword can be obtained multiple times. Other Items also haven't been testes thus far, except AP, which seem to be redeemable repeatedly.

Prize Exchange (Free)

Item Quantity Cost Limited?
Afrosword 1 1000  ?
Wind-up Lord Vexxos 1 300  ?
Megalixir 20 30  ?
Mega Phoenix 3 10  ?
Oracle Coin 10 30  ?
GIL 200k 100  ?
EXP 100k 500  ?
AP 999 500  ?

Fishing (Total Caught) Contest Round 1 (specific QP)

Item Quantity Cost Limited?
Afrosword 1 1000  ?
Wind-up Lord Vexxos 1 300  ?
Elixir 50 5  ?
Megalixir 1 2  ?
Megalixir 6 10  ?
Megalixir 20 30  ?
Phoenix Down 50 15  ?
Mega Phoenix 1 5  ?
Mega Phoenix 3 10  ?
Oracle Coin 1 3  ?
Oracle Coin 5 15  ?
Oracle Coin 10 30  ?
GIL 20k 10  ?
GIL 200k 100  ?
EXP 1750 10  ?
EXP 19k 100  ?
EXP 100k 500  ?
AP 3 2  ?
AP 15 10  ?
AP 185 100  ?
AP 999 500  ?

How Does the Ranking System Work?

The new ranking system currently has three categories to track your score. There is an hourly competition, a daily competition, and the overall competition. At first I thought the daily and overall would be cumulative but apparently they are not. Your best hourly score is what will be matched up against others best hourly score.

Example: If you score 100 points between 1800 hours and 1900 hours, 100 points will be placed on the hourly, daily, and overall scoreboard. If you then score 100 points between 1900 and 2000 hours, your score does not become 200 for the daily and overall scoreboard. It will only reflect your highest hourly score.

What this means: You do not have to fish non-stop to rank highly in the daily or the overall competition. You only need to score very highly in one of the hourly competitions to grab a top daily or overall competition.

How to proceed: As of last night the overall high score was 166 fish. The top 1000 players were all around 90-100 fish. However, equal scores do not share the same rank. Places 1000 up to 900 may all have the exact same score. What this means is that right now 100 fish is enough to get you in the rankings, but as the week goes on and more people achieve an equal score, it will begin to push the ranks lower and lower. My suggestion would be to play at least once a day. Look to see if you fall within the top 1000, and if you don't, try to achieve a higher score. I haven't seen anyone surpass the 166 mark but chances are if you come anywhere close to that number you'll be set for the rest of the week.

Submitting Score: Your score will automatically submit periodically. You do not have to manually submit your score unless you are about to turn off your console and do not want to lose your points. You may notice your score is lower than it should be and that is due to the lag. I can say however that your points are not lost, they are simply uploaded the next hour.

Example: If you score 100 points between 1800 and 1900 but the server only registers 90 points, your score has not been lost. It will instead upload the total 100 points in the following hour whether you are playing or not. Please note that it will not upload to the hourly competition, only the daily and overall. The server seems to be falling about 20-30 minutes behind right now so unfortunately the hourly ranking will be a bit broken. My score of 114 was uploaded as 99 for the hourly competition, but then uploaded the full 114 to daily and overall.

Tyraneant Timed Quest

See also: Tyraneant Timed Quest

Tyraneant Timed Quest Information



  • 120,000 EXP (per completion)
  • 50 QP (first time reward)



  • Pretty much everything apart from two things.



Zu Beak

I highly recommend farming Zu Beaks for this Timed Quest. Why? Limit Break spells will be important for this.

Magic Elements - (Optional, but recommended)

Out of all the elements, I've found Ice to be my personal favorite for this Timed Quest. It proves most efficient. Only downfall is that it doesn't have the damage over-time but don't sweat it, these troublesome Tyraneant's always moves out of the Lightning/Fire damage over-time perimeter.

Ice proves most efficient since it slows down the movements, considering that these monsters moves fast all over the place thus providing minimal damage if they move too much with the following methods I am going to list.

(Note: Of course, if you prefer other elements, you're more than welcome to give them a shot.)

Magic Potency - (Optional, but recommended)

I highly recommend getting 999 potency. Slot in just enough Zu Beaks to get 999 potency depending on the magic of your choice.

Accessories Preventing Confusion


See also: Tyraneant Timed Quest Guide

From what I've seen, you can get 120,000 EXP per run. If you can do this rapidly in anywhere between 15-20 minutes, you'll be netting a large profit as far as EXP farming goes, unfortunately this mainly applies to the Season Pass players. Non-Season Pass players will not benefit EXP in comparison to the [[How to Farm Wyvern Hunt for 700K EXP and 350K Gil per Hour |Wyvern EXP/Gil Hunt Grinding Method]] since they will take much longer.

It seems like that if you break their appendages, you will have a chance at looting Wind-up Lord Vexxos which is also a limit break catalyst. If you're using any of the Armiger methods, go and break some appendages for a chance at it! Remember, this is based on RNG. There is no guarantee!

Fishing Timed Quest

See also: Fishing Timed Quest

To be a little more detailed with this quest, you need to find a spot where you like to fish and get to it for the next hours, as you’re ultimately only allowed to fish for an hour a day in regards to this quest. Depending on a large amount of different factors, it will lead to an increase in score for yourself and that score gets translated into “Quest Points” which in itself you can spend on special rewards that you can’t get in any other way. When you consider the fact that there is a greatsword on offer that you can’t acquire by playing the game regularly and this sword goes by the name of the Afrosword and it’s one of the better looking weapons in the game.

Now, enough of the background information and onto some serious tips/tricks to get you as high on the leaderboard as possible!

The first and possibly the most obvious of them all is by using the best rod and reel that you can get your hands on. You don’t necessarily need the best of the best for this event to make some decent headway in it to begin with, but in the long run it will most assuredly make your life that much easier. If by chance you don’t have them already, follow along the Navyth questline, which will result in giving you the best fishing equipment you can get your hands on.

Before you get started, it’s recommended that you pick up a load of consumable lines, as you’re going to need to replace them on the regular whilst you’re fishing and you don’t want your hour-timer ticking down as you waste time purchasing some more lines.

Depending on where you decide to fish – it doesn’t matter where because it’s quantity over quality when it comes to this particular event, so just choose a location where you like to fish – and then be aware what lures are required for the fish in that area. Using the wrong lure can result in a waste of time and that basically means you won’t be getting a higher score while you fiddle with that, so just make sure to be prepared going in.

From the very moment you begin to fish, your timer starts for this event and you’ve got a whole hour to fish as much as you can, so if you’re planning to put the effort in for this event, it’s recommended that you focus solely on fishing for the entirety of that hour to make your leaderboard rankings that much higher.

When you spend all of your time fishing in that one spot, you are eventually going to run out of fish in that one location; that’s rather bad for an event that requires you to catch as much fish as you can within an hour. To circumvent this particular problem, head to a location where you can sleep; doesn’t matter if it’s a hotel, a motel, a camp, or even a caravan – just somewhere to sleep will manage to do the trick. The reason you’re going to want to do this is because when your character wakes up, the fish in that location will have respawned and you can carry on from there. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a tedious method, but it does save you having to hop in the car and quickly driving to the next fishing spot to solve the issue.

Preferably your fishing skill will already be at max level, but it isn’t exactly necessary and by the time the event is over, you will be max level and you’ll have received the minor buffs to make fishing a little bit easier.

Keeping all these tips in mind, you’re bound to make some serious bank in terms of Quest Points and you can purchase that greatsword you’ve always wanted or even something else event-related. You’ll now have the Quest Points to spend at your complete leisure!


See also: Midgarsormr/Hvitrormr Timed Quest


This Timed Quest will have you fight an assortment of 3 lvl 54 Midgardsormrs and 2 lvl 78 Hvitrormrs.



3x Level 54 Midgardsormr (146,900 HP)

2x Level 78 Hvitrormr (268,200 HP)




Given their weaknesses, any straight sword or daggers and especially Ragnarok will plow right through their HP.

Using one of the many things that grant immunity to Poison can help low level players since your AI buddies won't evade their AoE Poison spit.

Ice spells, Freeze and multicasts can not only take huge chunks of their HP but also freeze them, however, due to their size, it's difficult, if not outright impossible to hit all of them.

Friendship Band will allow you to easily kill them if you have damage limit break on Link Strikes, because all of their parry-able attacks are slow and highly telegraphed and it you can easily get behind them for Blindside, which they're slow to react to.

As always, Ignis will play a crucial role. Use his Regroup and Enhancement to keep your party HP and your damage high. You can also use his Libra Elementie for free 9,999 damage if he has high enough Magic.

Gladio's AoE Techs, like Impulse will deal a lot of damage to multiple enemies due to their size and the slightly confused AI which just can't handle this many giants snakes on such a small place.


See also: Malboro/Malbodoom Timed Quest


This Timed Quest will have you fight an assortment of 2 lvl 38 Malboros and 2 lvl 65 Malborodooms with respawning lvl 38 Malboro Sprouts and lvl 48 Malboro Brats. There's also one Karlabos there as well, which is not a part of the Event. It sounds like a huge hassle, but the rewards are worth it.

You can disconnect from the internet, kill the now lone Karlabos and reconnect to the web to fight just the Malboro enemies. The game makes an autosave right before the fight, if you load the save, only Karlabos will be present, so kill it, leave the area and the Malboros will spawn without the Karlabos.

When farming the Event, I had 1 Malboro and 3 Malborodooms to kill. It could be a bug, but if it wasn't, it means the enemy composition is somewhat random. If that's true, low level players may try to save scum the Event to get 1 Malborodoom - to make the quest easier.

Just like before, this Event is a good for EXP and item farming. Heck, it's probably even better since you can complete it in one minute if your party is strong enough. Farming Guide



All of these enemies, except for the standard Malboros, are weak to Ice, which can also freeze them in place. Try to gather them together and blast them with your best Ice element spell. They have low defences, so you can do massive damage to them like this, if not killing them outright.

All Malboro type enemies have a LOT of HP, Malborodooms especially, but have low defences and are weak to Greatswords and Ice.

It seems the game spawns 3-5 Malboro Sprouts or Malboro Brats per Malboro or Malborodoom indefinitely. It was hard to tell as the fight was rather confusing.

Malboros are slow to turn around. Use unlocked Warp Strike to get behind them and try to attack between their tentacles to score a Link Strike.

The Karlabos on the other hand is pretty resistant to physical attacks until you inflict a Break on it, but it's weak to Noctis' swords.


You will be fighting Malboros, so using Ribbon is a given. However, if you don't have it, you can have Ignis cook Three-Mushroom Kebab for you, which grants protection against most status ailments on top of raising your HP by 800 and Strength by 150. You can unlock this recipe by collecting or buying a Malmashroom, which are located at Malmalam Thicket, or can be bought at Prissock General Store (Lestallum), or JM Market (Old Lestallum). Just in case, pack some Remedies with you.

Make potent Ice spells, like Freeze or multicast Blizzaga/Blizzra.

I recommend focusing on Ignis' Overwhelm and target a specific enemy for a quick kill. If you can, equip Tech Turbocharger to allow you to use it more often. I believe this will allow even a underlevelled party to complete this event.

Use Ignis' Enhancement to buff Noctis' damage with Ice element, which will increase your damage output significantly in this fight, especially if you're using a good sword, like Ultima Blade, Balmung or Ragnarok.

Prompto's Gravisphere and Gladio's Impulse can easily wipe the smaller enemies, so equip Gladio with Strength boosting accessories and Prompto with Magic boosting ones.

Use Friendship Band if you can and try to get behind the big Malboros to score a devastating Link Strike. They're very easy to do in this fight.

Don't forget Ring of Resistance if you plan on using big AoE spells, like Freeze or Blizzaga. If you're farming the Event, the Lasagna you probably ate to boost your EXP gain also gives you immunity to Fire, Lightning and Ice, so you don't have to worry about friendly fire and use a different accessory.


Care to know what the first one is about? Well, the very first one has you try and slay 100 Cactuar and Slactuars throughout one long and arduous battle; without any break during the entirety of it. If you do somehow manage to best the cactus creatures, you will be rewarded thusly:

If you wish to take part in the quest then keep an eye out for the waypoint that the game will set up for you and make your way over to there. I would recommend staying at a nearby camp to gain some bonuses from cooking some decent food before you make a start.

It’s also recommended that you spend some time prepping your elementary spells, whilst avoiding using any fire. The reason I say this is because Cactuars and Slactuars do not care for fire in the slightest, as they simply absorb the flames the very second they touch their skin. Magic against them is very useful and is not a tactic you will want to go without, but if you do choose to use it then make sure that your spells make use of a wide “area of effect” to strike them down a lot easier.

When you’re ready to take them on, be aware that you will be tasked with fighting at least 10 of these fellows and if you’re not particularly careful, they will easily knock you down and make your life hell. One of the most useful recommendations is to use AOE spells and wide-arching attacks that will thin their numbers. They are fairly weak to daggers, but with how little space there is between you and they can be really problematic, so it’s best to leave the daggers out of it for this fight.

Depending on just how high level you really are, the Timed Quest should only take you around 10 to 15 minutes to complete in its entirety and turns into quite the efficient grinding spot afterwards. Unfortunately you can’t redo the quest again, but you can in actual fact return to the area where the Cactuars respawn for some very nice experience gains with each one slain. To make that experience even more worthwhile, make sure to stay at a nearby camp for the night, make a meal that increases your experience gained for every task you complete. Oh, and to top it off stay at a hotel after you’re done, so you can get as much of an XP multiplier as you can afford!