Key Items

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TreasureSourceAcquired by
Amethyst StoneSidequestsThe Aspir ing Artisan (Dino)
Beast Whistle????????
Behemoth RoundSidequestsThe Perteet Cup (Gladio)
Bent Dog TagSidequestsDust to Dust (Dave)
Broken Dog TagSidequestsGone Hunting (Dave)
Cactuar EffiavSidequestsFormouth Garrison
Cactuar ModelShopsLestallum - Vee non's Pantry
Cactuar SculptureShopsJM Market - Altissia
Cactuar StatuetteShopsWiz Chocobo Post - Post Kiosk
Carnival PassportHoliday Packs
Cid's Old HammerSidequestsA Better Engine Blade Ill
Cindy 's ParcelMain questThe Errand Prince
Coctura's Cat FoodSidequestsKitty Catering
Crown City SmartphoneMain questFrom the start
Crushed Dog TagSidequestsWashed Away (Dave)
Elevator KeyMain questA King's Struggle
Emerald StoneSidequestsA Treasure Beyond Measure (Dino)
Enticing TruffleSidequestsUp Close and Personal (Tour)
Food ShipmentSidequestsLestallum's Finest
Garnet StoneMain questA Gentlemen's Agreement
Gas CouponDLCsPre-order bonus
Generator KeyMain questThe Hand of the King
Glimmering Zu EggSidequestsThe Perteet Cup (Gladio)
Heliodor StoneSidequestsA Stone-Studded Stunner (Dino)
Infernian's ShardMain questReunion and Recovery
Intricate CoinMain questThe Errand Prince
Karlabos CarapaceSidequestsThe Perteet Cup (Gladio)
LOKTON LX-30Main questFrom the start
LOKTON LX-X1 RDLCsPre-order bonus
Lgnis's CaneMain questThe Hand of the King
Lodging CouponDLCsPre-order bonus
Lovers' NotebookMain questThe Trial of Leviathan
Luxury Cat FoodShopsJM Market - Caem
M .E. 756 / 05/ 17 Morning EditionMain questIll Tidings
Magic FlaskCollectible
Main quest
Hunter Becomes the Hunted
Burden of Expectation
Sword in the Watertall (speak to Jared)
The Hexatheon's Blessing
Brave New World (speak to Car at the dock)
Fociaugh Hollow
Steyliff Grove
Cape Caem
The Rock of Ravatogh
Pitioss Ruins
Map of AccordoMain questAltissia
City on the Sea
Map of the ContinentMain questThe Pauper Prince
Mark of the ArchaeanMain questThe Trial of Titan
Mark of the DraconianMain questReunion and Recovery
Mark of the FulgurianMain questThe Trial of Ramuh
Mark of the GlacianMain questBreath of the Glacian
Mark of the HydraeanMain questThe Trial of leviathan
Messengers' AmuletMain questThe Summit
Monica's Cat FoodSidequestsA Feline Feast
Myrlwood FireflySidequestsThe Professor's Protege
Mystery MapSidequestsScraps of Mystery VII (Duscae)
Mythril ComponentMain questA Precious Source of Power
Mythril OreMain questParty of Three
Oracle Ascension CoinCollectible
Enemy drop
Hammerhead (Shop)
Longwythe Rest Area
Galdin Quay
Prairie Outpost
Coernix Station - Alstor
Keycatrich Trench
Coernix Station - Cauthess
Wiz Chocobo Post
Cauthess Rest Area
Taelpar Rest Area
Burbost Souvenir Emporium
Meldacio Hunter HO
Verinas Mart - Ravatogh
Fociaugh Hollow
Daurell Caverns
Costlemark Tower
Pitioss Ruins
Steyliff Grove
Glacial Grotto
The Myrlwood
Malmalam Thicket
The Reck of Ravatogh
Balouve Mines
Fociaugh Hollo w maze (Chapter 15)
Daurell Caverns maze (Chapter 15)
Costlemark Tower maze (Chapter 15)
Glacial Grotto maze (Chapter 15)
Steyliff Grove maze (Chapter 15)
Keycatrich Trench maze (Chapter 15)
Balouve Mines maze (Chapter 15)
Crestholm Channels maze (Chapter 15)
100% - Cactuar
Panel B Card KeyMain questA King's Struggle
Panel C Card KeyMain questA King's Struggle
Polished Dog TagSidequestsA Backwoods Burial (Dave)
Portable Music Player????????
Prissock's PackageSidequestsVan
Rainbow FrogSidequestsThe Frog of legend
Randolph collection item: Chef's KnifeSidequestsLegend Wrapped in an Enigma (Randolph)
Randolph collection item: Jet-black BeakSidequestsA Legend Is Born (Randolph)
Randolph collection item: Malboro TentacleSidequestsDreadful Legend (Randolph)
Randolph collection item: Resplendent HollowhornSidequestsCursed Legend (Randolph)
Randolph collection item: Squirming BoneSidequestsWondrous Weapon (Randolph)
Red FrogSidequestsThe Professor's Protege
Red TuskMain questThe Mutant Marauder
Ring of the LuciiMain questThe Trial of Leviathan
Ruby StoneSidequestsNo Pain
No Gem (Dino)
Rusted Dog TagSidequestsLost in the Wilderness (Dave)
Sapphire StoneSidequestsReliable Royalty (Dino)
Scorched Dog TagSidequestsA Rocky End (Dave)
Scratched Dog TagSidequestsSwa llo wedby Shadows (Dave)
Scribbled NoteMain questZegnautus Keep
Sealbreaker's KeySidequestsMenace Beneath Lucis
Sealed EnvelopeMain questThe Errand Prince
Security CardMain questA King's Struggle
Strange EngineSidequestsFormouth Garrison
Sullied Dog TagSidequestsThe Witch of the Woods (Dave)
Sylvester 's Map Piece GSidequestsScraps of Mystery VII (Duscae)
Sylvester's MapSidequestsX Marks the Spot (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map Piece ASidequestsScraps of Mystery I (Leidel)
Sylvester's Map Piece BSidequestsScraps of Mystery II (Leidel)
Sylvester's Map Piece CSidequestsScraps of Mystery Ill (Leidel)
Sylvester's Map Piece DSidequestsScraps of Mystery IV (Leidel)
Sylvester's Map Piece ESidequestsScraps of Mystery V (Leidel)
Sylvester's Map Piece FSidequestsScraps of Mystery VI (Duscae)
Sylvester's Map Piece HSidequestsScraps of Mystery VIII (Duscae)
Sylvester's Map Piece ISidequestsScraps of Mystery IX (Duscae)
Sylvester's Map Piece JSidequestsScraps of Mystery X (Duscae)
Sylvester's Map Piece KSidequestsScraps of Mystery XI (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map Piece LSidequestsScraps of Mystery XII (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map Piece MSidequestsScraps of Mystery XIII (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map Piece NSidequestsScraps of Mystery XIV (Cleigne)
Tombkeep's KeyMain questThe Power of Kings
Twisted Dog TagSidequestsFinal Resting Plains (Dave)
Unstable StabilizerMain questImperial Infiltration (Fort Vaullerey)
Volcanic BouquetSidequestsA Flower for Iris (Tour)
Warped WingsMain questEngaging the Empire (Aracheole Stronghold)
Yellow FrogSidequestsThe Professor's Protege